Lawlor Media Group is a luxury lifestyle Boutique Public Relations agency based in New York City. Our experienced PR professionals provide a full spectrum of Strategic Communications and public relations needs, including branding, marketing, buzz building, crisis management and more.

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For over 20 years, Lawlor Media Group has provided a comprehensive range of PR and strategic marketing needs for clients across numerous industries, not-for-profit endeavors and individuals. Recognized as among the leading PR agencies in New York, we serve the diverse needs of corporations, organizations, political figures and other individuals.

What differentiates us from other PR firms is our client-centered approach. We work closely with clients as their partners, developing a tailored campaign which aims to achieve their goals and execute the most powerful PR campaigns to meet their needs.


What we do

Media Publicity

Media coverage is a critical driver for PR campaigns. LMG has established relationships with media organizations in New York, as well as national and international press. This allows us to execute powerful PR campaigns across a variety of media channels and individual outlets, no matter what the target audience.

Crisis Management

Emergencies happen. Our PR teams are on-call and ready to help. LMG offers robust crisis management services to clients facing a critical situation. We advise and guide clients through the incident with careful planning for precision communication, response and PR outreach.

Buzz Building

Generating buzz is what we do. As a leading PR agency in NYC, LMG helps clients get the great publicity they need for any noteworthy PR event: book releases, product announcements, business deals and beyond. Way more than a simple press release, we help you make headlines and generate a buzz among your audience.

Branding Development & Marketing

A cohesive brand identity is essential to the success of any PR campaign. We can help you craft a powerful identity for your business or personal brand that resonates with your audience. We carry that branding throughout your entire PR strategy to ensure consistency across all media.

Reputation Management

In today’s social-first environment, reputation management has never been more important. Our savvy PR professionals can assist you in achieving your unique reputation goals, while also aggressively resolving unfavorable PR across any medium.

Political Communications

As PR experts, we know how important it is for political candidates and elected officials to maintain careful messaging at all times. LMG can help craft a political communications & PR strategy that ensures your messaging is on target, effective and consistent.

Event Management

LMG can handle all aspects of event management, whether for a standalone event or as part of an integrated PR campaign. We can assist with finding the right event venues, facilitating catering, furniture, invitations, photographers and other needs. As NYC public relations experts, we can also ensure your event gets the media coverage you desire.

Investor Relations

Investor communications must be carefully crafted to ensure clarity as well as compliance with federal law. LMG can help define the appropriate messaging for any investor materials or announcements, including earnings reports, press releases, event speeches and more.

Online Presence

Developing a robust digital presence is critical for both PR and reputational concerns. LMG helps businesses and brands grow their presence across numerous online media: web, social, apps, blogosphere and beyond. We keep you in front of your target audience and make sure your best publicity stands out.


Our client-centered approach is what makes Lawlor Media Group one of the most successful PR agencies in NYC. Our clients receive individualized attention at the highest levels. We listen to you, develop a deep understanding of your goals and use our PR expertise to successfully execute your vision. Each PR campaign is tailor made to the individual client’s needs.

LMG is an award-winning PR agency that has been recognized as one of New York’s best public relations firms by Crain’s, and others. Over the course of more than two decades, our agency has developed a successful track record representing clients in numerous industries, including:

  • Hospitality
  • Travel
  • Literary
  • Fashion
  • Film
  • Retail
  • Real estate
  • Beauty
  • Entertainment

Our extensive client list has also included political figures, philanthropists, foundations and a wide range of organizations.

Proven PR TRACK record

Public relations excellence

Lawlor Media Group understands the unique publicity needs of each client. We develop a focused strategy, defined by specific goals, which enables us to deliver unparalleled results. Every member of our team is passionate about PR and driven by the desire to generate the powerful media spotlight and positive online reputation that each client deserves.

What we’re known for:

  • Outstanding results for every client
  • Attentive, client-centered approach
  • Full transparency into our PR campaigns
  • Successful track record spanning 20+ years
  • Full spectrum of public relations services
  • Creative, fully customized strategies

Our agency is based in the heart of Manhattan, NYC and the first to have Headquarters in Hudson Yards, NY. While we are known as one of the city’s top public relations agencies, we proudly serve clients all over the world. Additionally, our PR campaigns often extend beyond the U.S. to international media, giving our clients exposure on a global stage.

Headquartered in New York, serving clients globally

High-profile media coverage

Our longstanding relationships with top media outlets enable LMG to put its clients on a national spotlight. Our agency has access to some of the most prominent media organizations in the world, allowing our teams to implement a focused PR strategy that is targeted to the right audience. Here are just a small handful of the outlets our clients have been featured in recently:

  • New York Times
  • Wall Street Journal
  • People
  • USA Today
  • New York Post
  • People
  • Today
  • Good Morning America
  • Huffington Post

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