Media Coverage

Lawlor Media Group applies established relationships with local, national and international press to develop a sustainable media presence for our clients’ target audience. By utilizing an ever-expanding network of newspapers, magazines, social networks, television, radio, and online outlets in the digital age, we offer our clients a comprehensive approach to achieving exposure and publicity for their messages.

Crisis Management

When a critical situation arises for a client, LMG can establish a robust crisis management plan. We assist our clients in determining if they should communicate, what they should communicate, who they should communicate with and when to communicate it. In implementing the plan, we also advise our clients as to which tools they should use for the best effect. LMG has widespread expertise in handling media and an extensive array of media contacts.

Branding Initiatives

LMG provides PR solutions which integrate seamlessly with corporate branding initiatives to successfully uphold and perpetuate the client’s brand values. A strong brand must have a unified and cohesive identity in order to connect with and engage its audience. Therefore, the LMG approach focuses on consistency across social, visual and ancillary touch points. We work strategically with our clients to assure that all communications are aligned with the client’s brand vision, thereby, outwardly expressing a positively memorable brand personality and image.

Special Projects

Lawlor Media Group has experience running below-the-radar campaigns and one-off projects to meet discrete client requirements – whether it is a quick response, major challenge or exotic media environment LMG will work with you to achieve your communications objectives

Online Presence & Reputation Management

The ever increasing velocity of information dissemination is creating a multiplicity of opportunities for reputations to be made and broken online. The blogosphere, online social networking platforms and a plethora of product and service review sites all require monitoring and strategic message development and placement. Whilst the specific techniques are constantly evolving, LMG understands the need for a strategic plan to manage online reputations and can assist you in achieving your goals.

Event Management

Lawlor Media Group produces and executes unique event experiences based on our clients’ vision. Our capabilities include: identifying innovative venues, facilitating invitations and event mail-outs, securing media coverage, celebrity wrangling, hiring photographers and caterers, customizing gift bags and creating event collateral as well as any other aspects necessary to guarantee a memorable event. Over the years, LMG has built a comprehensive proprietary database which extends to a diverse array of media elite, tastemakers, image-makers and influencers to create a high-profile guest list. Throughout the event, the LMG staff interact with the press, direct photographer, facilitate introductions, and field media questions. Lawlor Media Group’s expertise and attention-to-detail will ensure that your event is a success.



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