Lawlor Media Group provides a robust online reputation management service in New York and for clients located around the world. As a leading NYC public relations firm, we excel at helping clients manage their reputation, ensuring that their brand values and reputation are communicated positively across the print, online, social media, radio and television spectrum. Contact us today to discover what our reputation management services can do to help boost your brand reputation.

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Our experienced online reputation management experts provide a full range of services to help you with your online reputation, monitoring the Internet 24/7/365 to see what’s being said about you.

How our reputation management can help:

  • Developing Positive positioning of brand reputation across high-quality press outlets
  • Communication Organic and paid promotion in social media
  • Providing Pro-active advice on response to comments on review sites
  • Digital marketing and brand strategy to help you hone and craft a quality brand for you or your business
  • Fast, effective response to crisis situations

Our skilled reputation management experts can make sure your business or brand stays in a positive light, online and offline.

Knowing what people are saying about you online is critical to your professional success. That is true whether you are an entertainer, business executive, restaurant owner or celebrity. The Internet is so vast, it is impossible for an individual to monitor everything without the help of a professional reputation management company. It is dangerous to ignore your online reputation and think it will just take care of itself.

If you allow a negative comment or story to languish online, uncontested, it can continue to snowball and have a devastating impact on your brand, business or personal image. Meanwhile, you may not even be aware of the post until it’s too late. That is where a skilled online reputation management firm like Lawlor Media Group can be invaluable. You have simply worked too hard to achieve success to leave your online reputation to chance.



Lawlor Media Group is a highly experienced public relations and online reputation management firm that has been in business for more than 20 years, providing quality PR services to high-profile people and brands in New York City and beyond.

We understand the unique needs of those in the public eye and have expanded our reach to include online reputation management services to meet the evolving PR landscape. We do not merely advise on addressing negative comments online. We are proactive in monitoring your online exposure, helping you harness the power of social media and online media to create an online reputation that will help support your professional image, your company or your career.

Reputation management is the art and science of staying on top of everything that is said about your reputation, both online and off. When executed well, reputation management also includes creating a brand personality and influencing how people think of you and your brand. That is the essence of good public relations. Reputation management is a natural byproduct of PR, focused more intently on the critical online component. At Lawlor Media Group, we are simply doing what we’ve been doing well for our clients for more than 20 years.

Our online reputation management services include, but are not limited to:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring of your online reputation. Knowing what people are saying about you and your business is critical to maintaining a positive online reputation.
  • High-profile media coverage. We have strong relationships with major press outlets that can help in achieving greater press coverage that you need to boost your online reputation. These can include high-value sources that can also have an enormous impact on your SEO efforts.
  • Responding to any comments or posts about you and your business. Allowing comments on your social media pages to remain unanswered for days or not responding to a negative review on Yelp! or other review sites about your business gives the impression that you do not care what people say. That can be fatal to your online reputation.
  • Mitigating the effects of any negative online comments about you or your business. If you are in the public eye or if your business has been open for sometime, you are going to have the occasional negative comment or press. However, we do not abide by PT Barnum’s tenet that “All publicity is good publicity.” As part of our reputation management services, we make sure to help you develop responses to counter any negative mentions with positive stories and comments to take the sting out of any bad press and retake control of the narrative. We understand the value of maintaining a good online reputation.
  • Helping you craft a new, positive online brand. As part of our reputation management, we work with you to hone or to craft a quality, positive online persona that will help boost your career and your business.
  • Alerting you when something is posted about you, positive or negative. We think you have a right to know what’s being said about you online and elsewhere. This also provides transparency about our reputation management services, so you know what we’re working on and how our ORM strategies are being applied.
  • Responding to crisis. In addition to our reputation management services, we also provide crisis management to guide you through emergency situations. When an urgent response is needed, particularly in sensitive legal situations, we help you determine what to communicate and how, when and with whom to communicate it.



One of the founding principles of our PR agency is that everything we do centers around the client. It’s who we are and it’s what has made Lawlor Media Group one of the most successful public relations companies in NYC and beyond. Our reputation management clients receive individualized attention at the highest levels. We take the time to listen to you and get to know your vision for your brand, and we never start putting together a plan for you until we clearly understand your goals. We take your online reputation very seriously.

In addition to our broad range of reputation management services, our firm offers a variety of complimentary services, such as event management, branding initiatives, crisis management, media coverage and special projects to achieve your communications objectives.

At Lawlor Media Group, we have a proven record of excellence in working with high-profile clients in the hospitality and travel, literary, fashion, film, real estate, retail, beauty and nightlife and entertainment industries, as well as a number of philanthropists, foundations and charity benefits. Just a few of our clients, past and present, include Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, Southampton Inn, Villa Mangiacane, Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, “Geraldo”, Manhattan School of Music and the New York Women’s Foundation.



Our reputation management firm is based in the heart of Manhattan, in New York City. While we are among the best PR providers and marketing agencies in the city, our reputation management services are leveraged by clients all over the world. We understand the special nuances associated with managing your online reputation in multiple countries, as well as dealing with social media and PR mentions in countries other than the US.

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