Lawlor Media Group is among the top crisis management agencies in New York City with extensive experience helping clients manage unexpected PR challenges. Our dedicated crisis management team provide the full range of strategic communication services to help you weather the current storm and maintain the narrative you are seeking. No matter what the emergency, we can assist guide you through it and craft the most effective strategy for response.

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Our PR and crisis management services include on-call assistance (because crises do not always happen during regular hours) and devising a communications plan using our experience and extensive media contacts in New York City, nationally and internationally.

We will advise you and guide you through the situation with careful planning for communication, response and PR outreach.



For Lawlor Media Group, a crisis is any emergency that requires rapid response to maintain your reputation or your brand – even if the response is “no response.”

At Lawlor Media Group we have helped clients respond to nearly every situation imaginable over 20 years as one of the leading NYC public relations agencies.

  • For prominent figures, these incidents can be due to a wide range of causes, including legal issues, out of context remarks, social media and media criticism, just to name a few.
  • For a business, it might be an unexpected lawsuit, an accident, media or political criticism, wrongful actions by an employee or executive, a social media gaffe or numerous other situations.

Whether you are based in New York or halfway around the globe, our team will work with you to rapidly develop an effective crisis PR response. Even after the incident, we can continue to support you with robust marketing, brand development and online reputation management services.

For many of our NY clients, the crisis is not something they did at all, but something that has been performed against them, such as a rumor that’s been circulated or a past employee slandering a business. Whatever the circumstances, we’ll help you mitigate the damage and recover better and stronger.

Our philosophy:

  • The essence of all good PR is getting in front of the story and shaping the narrative around the situation.
  • It also means finding the potential for good PR lurking among the pitfalls of the situation, with careful planning and decisive action.

No matter what the situation you are facing, we can get you through it.



Lawlor Media Group in New York has been in business since 2000, and we have grown our business over the years by providing quality PR services to high-profile people and organizations in New York City and around the world. 

There are very few crisis situations we haven’t faced or dealt with successfully. If you’re facing an unfavorable situation right now, contact us immediately. Don’t worry about shocking us with the details of your crisis. We’re prepared to get right down to business.

At Lawlor Media Group, we appreciate the special needs of those in the public eye, and we know how devastating a crisis can seem when you’re in the moment. We don’t just tell you how to respond to negative press or a situation that could damage your reputation. We’ll stay with you and guide you through the situation and suggest ways to boost your reputation after the crisis has passed.

The Institute for Public Relations defines crisis management as “a significant threat to operations that can have negative consequences if not handled properly”.

The PR Institute divides a threat into three categories:

  • Public safety
  • Financial loss
  • Reputation loss

Effective crisis management addresses these threats sequentially. For most individuals, there is likely little threat to public safety. However, for corporations, a workplace accident or product failure could pose such a threat. At Lawlor Media Group, we understand the importance of acting quickly to lessen the damage of a situation and/or prevent any damage from occurring, no matter what category of crisis you’re facing.


Our Crisis Management Services Include:

Creating a comprehensive plan for handling the crisis.

Helping you determine whether you should communicate with the press, with whom you should communicate and when you should communicate.

On-call availability. We don’t think you should have to wait until morning or until Monday to reach us. In a crisis, every minute counts.

24/7 online monitoring. We let you know when something is posted about you online and help you craft and time a response, if necessary and advisable.

Working with you to craft a positive brand and repair any damage the crisis may have caused your reputation.

Finding the potential for good PR among the negative aspects of your crisis.


We founded our New York PR agency on the principle of putting the client at the center of everything we do. More than twenty years later, that’s still our mission. It’s who we are at Lawlor Media Group and what’s made us one of the most successful PR & crisis management agencies in New York City and beyond.

We make sure that our clients get individualized attention at the highest levels. Even in a crisis, we take the time necessary to fully understand your situation and its ramifications. Only then do we get to work on a crisis management plan for you, your brand and your organization.

In addition to our crisis management services, our New York PR firm offers a variety of complimentary services, such as event management, branding initiatives, reputation management, media coverage and special projects to achieve your communications objectives.

At Lawlor Media Group in NYC, we are proud of our record of excellence in working with high-profile clients in the hospitality and travel, literary, fashion, film, real estate, retail, beauty and nightlife and entertainment industries, as well as a number of philanthropists, foundations and charity benefits.

Just a few of our clients, past and present, include: the New York Center for Children; the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation; Demarchelier Restaurant and Bar in New York City; the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York City and Los Angeles; Mamo Restaurant in New York; The Manhattan School of Music; The American Cancer Society ‘Taste of Hope’ Event in New York; Mashomack Polo Club in Pine Plains, New York; and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.



Our crisis management firm is based in the heart of Manhattan, New York. While we have many great clients in the New York region, we proudly serve clients based all over the world. We also understand the unique nuances of dealing with press in other countries around the globe.

Contact us to discuss your crisis management needs

Choose a crisis management partner who can take action and mitigate any damage that a personal mistake or negative press has caused. The middle of a crisis is no time to be teaching yourself the nuances of good public relations. You deserve an expert in the field who can help you navigate the situation appropriately and take control of the media coverage.

Lawlor Media Group is here to help. Contact our PR firm in New York today to speak with one of our crisis management experts and learn about our services.

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