Lawlor Media Group is a leading brand strategy agency based in New York, specializing in Public Relations. Our experienced PR and branding professionals can deliver the full spectrum of branding services, design, publicity and marketing communications to meet a Client’s needs.

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With over 20 years of experience in marketing and branding, Lawlor Media Group can develop the strategy you need to build and promote your brand. We deliver a wide range of branding, PR and marketing needs for clients in a wide range of industries, including businesses, not-for-profits and individuals of note.

Recognized as a top branding and marketing firm in New York, our branding strategies and marketing services have been employed by for and not-for profit organizations and prominent individuals around the globe. Our client-centered approach sets us apart, as we develop a solid partnership with clients to design marketing and branding solutions that help them achieve their desired communications objectives.

Knowing what people are saying about you online is critical to your professional success. That is true whether you are an entertainer, business executive, restaurant owner or celebrity. The Internet is so vast, it is impossible for an individual to monitor everything without the help of a professional reputation management company. It is dangerous to ignore your online reputation and think it will just take care of itself.

As an experienced PR and branding agency in New York, we know what it takes for a brand to stand out. Whether you are developing branding for your business for the first time or fine-tuning your established presence, we can develop an effective strategy that is aligned with your vision. Our branding experts can carry out that strategy with a wide range of brand development services, from professional design to online reputation management.


Full Spectrum of Branding, Communications
& Digital Advertising in New York & Beyond

Branding Design

Branding Design

You want to create a brand that builds trust, growth and success, but you are not quite sure exactly where to start… We can help you create a memorable branding strategy that catches the attention of your target audience and keeps your brand at the forefront of people’s minds by leveraging our experience in marketing and design.

Branding Development

Once you’ve got a basic idea of what your branding will look like, it will take further development to help you craft that concept into a solid marketing design, with a range of features that will resonate with your audience. For businesses, that can include everything from the color scheme to the “voice” of your web site and communications. Each element of that brand design will be carried throughout your marketing to create a consistent message.

Brand Marketing

Developing your brand design is just a starting point. Getting media coverage and making more people aware of your brand needs to be handled with effective marketing. We’ll design an outstanding marketing and content strategy to get your brand out there and make it more recognizable by leveraging our 20+ years of work in public relations.

Buzz Building

Buzz Building

After people are aware of your brand, you want to build a buzz around it, getting people excited about your brand design. As a leading PR agency in New York City, we can help you get the publicity your brand needs. Get headlines and generate buzz by working with one of the best branding agencies on the East Coast.

NYC Public Relations

NYC Public Relations

Beyond your brand design and marketing, public relations goes a long way to growing public awareness of your brand. In New York and other major cities, it is all too easy for your brand to be buried deep in the paper or missed in all the advertising that shows up. We’ll help you design a solid marketing strategy that brings your brand to the forefront.

Building Digital Presence

Building Digital Presence

Alongside our traditional PR expertise, we are also a digital agency. After we design and develop your brand strategy, we can help you get the online exposure you need to keep your brand “top of mind.” We’ll help you develop a robust digital presence to improve your public relations and digital reputation. Lawlor Media Group can help you grow your branding on the web, in social media, through apps, in blogs and many more options. From web design to digital marketing, we do it all.


At our marketing agency, clients always come first.

Lawlor Media Group is one of the most successful PR and branding agencies in New York City because of our client-centered approach. We provide our clients with high levels of individualized attention. We will listen to your concerns, take a deep dive into your goals and leverage our PR experience to execute your vision in New York, across the country and around the world. We tailor every branding process to each customer’s needs.

We understand the unique needs of those in the public eye and have expanded our reach to include online reputation management services to meet the evolving PR landscape. We do not merely advise on addressing negative comments online. We are proactive in monitoring your online exposure, helping you harness the power of social media and online media to create an online reputation that will help support your professional image, your company or your career.

As an award-winning PR agency, Lawlor Media Group has extensive experience in branding, marketing and design and has been recognized as one of the best New York public relations firms by, Crain’s and many more. Over the past two decades, we’ve developed a successful track record for branding and marketing clients in a wide range of industries in New York and beyond, including:

  • Hospitality
  • Travel
  • Literary
  • Fashion
  • Film
  • Retail
  • Real estate
  • Beauty
  • Entertainment

But that’s just the beginning. Our New York team has also worked with philanthropists, foundations, political figures and numerous organizations, helping them improve their branding, marketing, design and public relations.



Because our marketing agency has a longstanding relationship with top media outlets through the public relations side of our firm, Lawlor Media Group has the connections to put your brand in the national spotlight, giving you coverage far beyond New York. Our access allows us to create a branding strategy that targets the perfect audience for your business. Here’s a quick glance at just a few of the media outlets where our clients’ content has appeared recently:

  • New York Times
  • Wall Street Journal
  • People
  • USA Today
  • New York Post
  • People
  • Today
  • Good Morning America
  • Huffington Post

Each of our clients has a unique need for their brand, and we understand that, helping them develop a focused branding strategy with specific goals. This allows us to deliver solid results, whether our clients are based in New York or elsewhere in America or the World. What makes us different from other agencies is that every single one of our employees is passionate about branding and marketing solutions. Our agency has a laser focus on creating the positive branding design and media spotlight that we feel every client deserves.

Why Lawlor Media Group in New York City?

  • Exceptional client results, every time
  • Attentive client-centered dedication
  • Complete transparency in campaigns
  • Outstanding track record over 20 years
  • Complete spectrum of branding services
  • Creative and completely customized design
  • Recognized as one of the top agencies in New York



Lawlor Media Group is based in the heart of Manhattan, New York – in fact, we’re the first PR and branding agency in our industry to be headquartered in Hudson Yards, NYC.

Despite our NYC roots, we’re proud to serve clients all over the globe. Our agency in New York is internationally recognized for public relations, marketing, design and branding. Unlike most agencies, we can extend your branding campaign from American to international media, providing your brand a place on the world stage and superior recognition abroad.

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