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What Is A Brand Strategy?

Brand strategy definition: A brand strategy is a plan of action for developing a brand’s image, voice and public-facing goals. 

This strategy can be applied to companies and individuals, such as celebrities and politicians. The strategy can include a wide range of mechanisms for presenting the brand to the public, including marketing, public relations and social media, just to name a few.

It is important to note that the brand strategy definition for one company or personality will likely need to be completely different from another, so each brand must define their own strategy carefully, in line with their specific objectives.

In this post, we look at the broader definition of brand strategy and what it means for brands that want to present themselves to the public in the best light possible to maximize visibility.

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Brand Strategy Definition – In A Broad Sense

If you search online for “brand strategy definition,” you will likely see some version of this definition: “an approach by a business or individual to create branding that will define their public image.”

Okay, but what does that mean?

In short, a brand strategy defines who you are, what you aim to do and how. It includes everything from your visual brand identity (logo, colors, web design, etc.) to your perceived persona (the “voice” of your brand, the personality and the impression that it leaves on those who interact with the brand). But beyond those attributes, a brand strategy also defines how you’ll achieve that persona, for example:

  • What media you will use to present your brand to the public
  • How you will market the brand
  • What you will “say” and when
  • Which audiences you want to target
  • Which tools and platforms you’ll use for communicating your brand’s message

That is the strategy part of it, and it’s a vital piece of the larger brand-development picture. To recap, a brand strategy definition is not just about defining your brand but also outlining the steps you’ll take to achieve those objectives.



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Developing A Focused Brand Strategy Definition

What does a brand strategy definition look like in the context of your specific goals?

In some respects, developing a brand is simpler for businesses than for individuals, because companies can use logos, product design, web content and tons of other materials to present themselves. So let’s use the example of a bestselling author who doesn’t just want to sell books, but also position themselves in a positive light that will give the author a lasting legacy for generations to come. 

Just like a company, this author needs brand development and an effective strategy guided by questions such as:

  • What actions will help the author be seen in a more positive light?
  • How can those actions be captured and presented to the public?
  • Which audiences need to see the author in this light to make the biggest impact?


That is just one example of how a brand strategy definition can look different for different entities, depending on their specific goals.

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