December 30, 2021 Norah Lawlor

What Makes A Great Public Relations Campaign?

A great public relations campaign can potentially do wonders for your business or brand as the centrepiece of a marketing and communications strategy. By targeting the right audience with the appropriate message, you can maximize the likelihood of achieving nearly any marketing goal:

  • Sales growth
  • Brand development
  • Launch of a new product or company
  • Crisis mitigation
  • Lead generation

However, to be successful, a PR campaign needs to be based on a fine-tuned strategy that ensures it will be effectively executed and will have the desired impact. While every public relations campaign has its own unique goals, there are some fundamental elements that each campaign requires to give it the best chance to be a success.

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Here Are 5 Hallmarks Of A Great Public Relations Campaign

1) Access to the right media outlets and channels

A public relations campaign will struggle to make headway if it does not have access to the right outlets. You need to make sure that you can get your campaign in front of the media audience that matters, so that your message can in turn be delivered to your audience. This is why it is crucial to use an experienced PR firm that already has extensive connections with high-profile media outlets.

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2) Visibility – a must for any public relations campaign!

Your PR campaign ultimately needs to reach your targeted audience, otherwise will be regarded as a failure. Whether it is through magazines, newspapers, magazines, blogs, social media, radio or television  or a combination of each, the goal of every campaign is to generate visibility. This is another reason why it’s crucial to have connections to the right media outlets. However, simply having those connections doesn’t guarantee publicity, which brings us to our next point …

3) A compelling angle

For a public relations campaign to be successful, it needs to compel people in some way. If you don’t have an interesting narrative to offer, then media often will not prioritize running the story – and even if they do, your audience will likely not care. A skilled PR consultant can help you transform a common PR goal (let’s say a new product) into a fascinating story that gets the coverage you want.

4) Well-defined goals (or the public relations campaign will flop)

Let’s go back a few steps …

Before you can even launch a PR campaign or think about things like exposure, you need to define what the goals are. Whilst the simplest goal is often to generate higher revenue for the brand, it requires deeper thought as to the metrics or goals that are reasonable to judge and will make the difference for the brand, product or service. Above, we listed a few general goals, but the campaign should be guided by highly specific objectives. By identifying what you want to achieve, you’ll be able to define the right message for the campaign, the right audience, the right outlets and the right strategies to ensure the campaign’s success.

5) Monitoring Progress

How do you know your public relations campaign is working if nobody is keeping track? Every campaign needs to be monitored throughout its journey: how many media outlets picked up the story, how many people saw it, how many people took action (sales volume, website visits, etc.) and so on. Tracking progress is absolutely critical to understanding the success of a PR campaign and making any necessary strategy adjustments along the way.  Sometimes metrics are hard to assess or are inaccurate but they can be still be useful in providing an indication of the direction of movement of a brand in terms of its visibility.

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