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What Does a Public Relations Consultant Do?

A public relations consultant plays an integral role in executing PR campaigns – but many people often do not realize what these specialists actually do on a day-to-day basis. Their talents are diverse, but in a nutshell and to dispel the many myths, they work to help high-profile businesses, individuals, celebrities and other people in the spotlight communicate to the public, hone their image or manage other public events.

High-profile people and businesses all use a public relations consultant to achieve their branding,  marketing and communications objectives. If you are a well-known person and often appear in the limelight, connecting with an experienced public relations consultant in New York can help develop and manage your public image.



What Is A Public Relations Consultant?

Public relations consultants possess specific skill sets to help businesses and individuals communicate to the public, utilizing people, technology and research. People and organizations in the public eye are often heavily scrutinized, and a good PR consultant is able to help shape public opinions towards them in a more positive light.

Sometimes public relations is likened to advertising, but in practice it is far removed from other forms of marketing in that it generates organic coverage from media outlets (rather than with paid ad placements – though good PR campaigns can include those strategies as well). A public relations consultant explores ways to achieve positive publicity in the media or through other communications channels. The methods of communication they choose are often more accepted by the public because they see messages on the news, on television or on social media (to name a few channels).

Once a PR consultant identifies the right channels of communication for any given situation, they’ll skillfully ensure important messages or themes are communicated to the public in ways they’ll be apt to embrace.


What Does A Public Relations Consultant do?

A professional PR consultant actively works to develop a comprehensive strategy to promote your positive image or garner attention for the products or services you want to sell. Their all-encompassing strategy can include:


  • Writing communications such as speeches, press releases, articles and social media posts.
  • Organizing events, including but not limited to press conferences, grand openings, banquets and tours.
  • Managing interviews when contacted by the media and maintaining positive relationships with them.
  • Developing promotional strategies to ensure your products, services, performances or other activity stir public interest and create a buzz.

Skilled PR firms use both orthodox and unorthodox strategies to create positive attention. Some firms, like Lawlor Media Group, offer additional, more specialized services like crisis management to masterfully navigate situations that could negatively affect a brand’s reputation. For instance, if a business suffers a data breach or environmental disaster, a PR consultant can mitigate bad press through active outreach to news media and the public. Individuals who go through an event or scandal can also benefit by having someone to stand by their side and help maintain a good reputation, both offline and online.


Why Is Public Relations In New York City Important?

New York is regarded as the global home of Media with some 40% of global print and TV outlets represented in this one City.Your NYC public relations consultant will work with you day in and day out. You’ll get to know one another quite well. They’ll understand your vision completely, what you want to communicate to the public and what type of public image you want to project. If looking to rebrand yourself or relaunch a product, they’re also able to successfully weave the new image you want to portray.


Looking For A skilled Public Relations Consultant in New York? 

Lawlor Media Group offers more than 20 years of experience. Our full-service PR & brand strategy firm is 100% client-centered, and we’ll help you gain the public attention or perception you seek. Contact Lawlor Media Group today for a free consultation and learn what we can do to optimize your image and promote your brand.



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