November 25, 2021 Norah Lawlor

3 Things to Consider When Seeking Online Reputation Management in New York

If you’re searching online for “online reputation management New York,” then you’re probably facing negative attention online and you’re looking for an agency in the New York area that can help you resolve it.

The problem is, not all agencies offering online reputation management in New York can deliver the results you need. Too many agencies lack the expertise, skills and resources to effectively restore a damaged reputation online. And by partnering with the wrong firm, you could end up wasting thousands of dollars without any results to show for it.

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To help you find an agency that is aligned with your needs and vision, here are some things to consider as you search for an agency.


1) Positive vs. Negative Online Presence 

Some agencies offering online reputation management New York fail to provide a 360-degree approach.

Fundamentally, there are two core ways to combat a negative online reputation:

  1. Remove the negative content (bad reviews, criticism, bad press, etc.)
  2. Promote and create positive content to displace the bad (good reviews, good publicity, etc.)

The problem is that some agencies focus solely on one of these two approaches – usually the creation of new content. But to achieve the best results, the agency needs to focus on both.

Granted, it can be difficult to “scrub” negative content online when it’s owned by third-party sites – but it’s possible in some cases. When comparing agencies that provide online reputation management in New York, ask each firm to provide details about their approach to make sure you’ll get the results you expect.

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2) The Challenges of Gaining New Publicity

Which type of agency should you choose when seeking Online reputation management in New York?

Getting good publicity to push out negative feedback online is an effective way to improve your online reputation. But this can be extremely challenging for your average agency.

This is why it pays to work with a PR agency, rather than a firm whose services are strictly in online reputation management in New York. An experienced PR firm like Lawlor Media Group will leverage existing connections with high-profile media outlets, ensuring that new publicity is received by a wide audience and—this is very important—ranked well in Google.

The Google ranking brings us to our next point.

3) SEO Takes Time (or Does It?)

Results are faster for agencies that do it right.

When you’re trying to displace negative attention in Google results, one way to do it is to push out new online content with the hope that it will rank above the bad stuff, thus burying it deep in search results.

But that’s easier said than done.

Content published by a high-profile media outlet will typically rank well in Google immediately, whereas unknown publishers could take months or years to improve the placement of their content in search results. Again, this is why it’s ideal to work with a PR firm that not only offers online reputation management in New York, but also has vast experience in public relations.  

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