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Online Reputation Management in New York: What is it, and Why is it So Important?

Online reputation management in New York is essential for any business or individual who wants to manage some measure of control over what is being said about them online on the internet.

Today, when people seek out information about businesses, professionals, individuals or celebrities, they often turn straight to the web. What they find about them is not always presented in the best light. High-profile individuals, organizations and corporations should take their online reputation seriously because, as the expression goes “first impressions matter” and they are particularly vulnerable to negative content distributed about them in stories, reviews, social media and on other online platforms. If you are finding that your good reputation is being misrepresented, obtaining online reputation management services in New York can help.


What is Online Reputation Management?

People, organizations and companies in the public spotlight typically are subjected to high amounts of internet chatter, which is difficult, if not impossible, to track. The result can be negative stories and comments quickly snowballing and showing up more prominently in Google search results, significantly sullying their reputation.

Online reputation management (ORM) is a service that individuals often seek turn to with the aim of helping boost their reputation if it has been tarnished by strangers (or media outlets) posting negative information on the web. Some individuals opt to go down the DIY route to correct the damage, but high-profile individuals often do not prefer this method because as it is painstakingly slow. As a solution, they pursue professional online reputation management in New York to get the job done.

Lawlor Media Group is committed to helping people, organizations, corporations and brands respond to misrepresentation and negative print, online and social coverage.


Why is Online Reputation Management in New York Important?

Once upon a time, the saying “There is no such thing as bad publicity” was common. However, in the digital age, it is not quite the same dynamic. Under the current regulatory regime online footprints can last forever. Information published about you online can damage your personal reputation, destroy your business or hurt your livelihood. This is especially true for high-profile brands, businesses or celebrities. If you are in the public eye, chances are people will say negative things about you. Others reading these comments or ratings may take them at face value. ORM immediately reacts to these events to avoid further harm being done to your reputation.

Managing your online reputation is critical. When people are seeking you out online, if not mitigated, those negative pieces of content will continue to surface. However, combating them with specific measures can both control and reverse the damage. The end result is putting your name in a more positive light — responding to misrepresentation and keeping it there.

You have worked hard to earn your reputation. Why leave it up to strangers to decide how you are perceived?


What Goes Into Reputation Management?

As a part of the online reputation management in New York process, Lawlor Media Group will take immediate action to mitigate problematic stories or other types of internet content.

  • Keep round-the-clock tabs on what people say in stories, social media, forums and other online spaces
  • Addressing inaccuracies that surface
  • Offering a fast responses to address crisis situations, such as social media “fire-fighting”
  • Help address criticisms in a transparent fashion in statements or social media posts
  • Target high-quality press releases on reputable press outlets
  • Use organic and paid promotion in social media to communicate with the public
  • Provide proactive advice on how to respond to negative reviews

We can do all this and more. We firmly believe in taking control to shape and manage the conversation.


Contact Us Now for Expert Online Reputation Management in New York 

Lawlor Media Group actively works to protect our clients’ reputations. Our experienced online reputation management experts monitor the web 24/7/365.

Do not leave your online reputation in the hands of strangers posting on the internet. Take control by connecting with the experts. Contact Lawlor Media Group today for a consultation and learn what we can do to boost your brand reputation.

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