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NYC World Premiere Red Carpet Screening of THE BIG BREAK Presented by VICE

Producer/action director Loren Herbert, actor David Shabtai, director/actor Gil Freston  and producer Jack Heston ©David Willems

Producer/action director Loren Herbert, actor David Shabtai, director/actor Gil Freston
and producer Jack Heston ©David Willems

Hollywood’s 1st Mini-Movie by Gil Freston Starring David Arquette, David Shabtai, Michael Vlamis, Isabelle McNally, Thomas Cocquerel, Brittany Furlan and More NYC celebrated the world premiere of THE BIG BREAK, a 15-minute high octane mini-movie satire on the Hollywood industry, written, directed and produced by Gil Freston (Paladar) and starring David Arquette (Scream) and presented by VICE Media (world online premiered Thursday, January 17, 2019). Notable attendees included: Producer Loren Herbert, actor David Shabtai, filmmaker Gil Freston, producer Jack Heston, actor Waris Ahluwalia, and Michelle Herbert. The 20 minute “mini-movie” applies a blockbuster films production quality to an intense storyline paying homage to 1990s classic films which inspired the production including The Player, Heat and True Romance – in its look/cinematography (Derek McKane), special effects (Lucien Harriet, Josh Hackasian), wardrobe (Annie & Hannah) and stunt teams from Lethal Weapon (Ryan Gray, Adam Hart) and film Blade Runner 2049 contributing to the production of the film, working in tandem with Action Director, Loren Herbert.  The film screened as an official selection at the 22nd Annual LA Shorts International Film Festival 2018. The cast joining David Arquette (who plays Lieutenant Ramirez in the film) includes David Shabtai (The Amazing Spider-Man 2) as Jon Lieberman, Gil Freston as Will Kavanaugh, Michael Vlamis  (CW’s Roswell) as Michael Glazer, Isabelle McNally (A&E’s Bates Motel, Frances Ha) as Grace Barnett, Thomas Cocquerel (Billionaire Boys Club, Table 19, In Like Flynn) as Officer Eckhart, Brittany Furlan (social media star appearing in Netflix’s American Meme) as Fable Rae, Ammar Kandil & Thomas Brag aka YES Theory (Social Media Stars)  Jude B. Lanston (Magic Funhouse) as Sergeant Bates, Elizabeth Turner (Social Media Star) as Kate Davenport, stunt performer Eddie Davenport (Logan) as Matty, Alexis Beckley (Room for Improvement) as Chloe Perkins, Richard Kohnke (The Billionaire Boys Club) as Brooks Weaver the Waiter,  Aaron Jay-Smith (You) as Writer, Frank Mercuri as LAPD Officer, Deina Torres as LAPD Officer, Angelique Yalda as LAPD Officer and Al Burke as LAPD Sergeant. The film is Produced by Gil Freston, Jack Heston, Matthew Brag, and Loren Herbert alongside Executive Producers Will Meldman, Taylor Vandegrift and David Shabtai. Gil Freston has written and directed numerous commercials and branded short-form. After graduating from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Freston directed his first independent feature film, PALADAR, a documentary about his friends’ underground restaurant run out of their college apartment which premiered at the TriBeCa Film Festival in 2013. Freston is currently developing a show with FX Networks and is entering pre-production on his next feature film EDGE OF FEAR, a psycho/thriller horror feature film to be shot in international locations commencing in May 2019.To download a selection of high-res images from the event, please visit: (Photo Credit: David Willems)To view a gallery of images, please visit: About THE BIG BREAK The Big Break is a new movie satirizing the entertainment industry starring David Arquette (Scream) and directed by Gil Freston (Paladar).  The movie pays homage to 1990s classic films which inspired the production including The Player, Heat and True Romance. The vision of Gil Freston who is the writer, director, producer and co-star of The Big Break was to bring the production qualities normally associated with a blockbuster production into a short 20 minute “mini-movie” format – designed to meet both the average viewers’ attention span as well as their demand for quality, well produced entertainment. Bi-Coastal movie premiere screenings will be held in New York (January 10th, 2019 at the Metrograph at 7:00pm EST) and Los Angeles (January 15th, 2019 at the United Talent Agency screening room at 7:00pm PST).  The global release of The Big Break will occur on vice.com on Thursday January 17th, 2019. For more information, visit: www.vice.comInstagram:        @thebigbreakmovie https://www.instagram.com/thebigbreakmovie/
Produce/action director Loren Herbert  ©David Willems
Filmmaker/actor Gil Freston ©David Willems
Producer Jack Heston ©David Willems
Actor David Shabtai ©David Willems
Actor Waris Ahluwalia ©David Willems
Editor Sascha Taylor Larsen, editor Catrin Hedstrom, producer Loren Herbert, actor David Shabtai, producer Jack Heston, director/actor Gil Freston and editor Stephen Michael Simon ©David Willems
Atmosphere ©David Willems
The Big Break marquee at the Metrograph ©David Willems



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