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MDRN Hosts The New York Launch of Intelligent Living: The New Standard in Tech & Home Design

Futurist & Interior Designer Warren Kay ©Bruno Aponte

Futurist & Interior Designer Warren Kay ©Bruno Aponte

with an Exclusive Preview of

Classiques Modernes Magazine’s Winter 2018 Issue

Futurist & interior designer Warren Kay officially launched Intelligent Living at the MDRN showroom at 936 Broadway in New York City. In collaboration with Classiques Modernes publisher Loy Carlos the launch also previewed the Winter 2018 issue with cover stars, celebrity event planner Larry Scott of Lawrence Scott Events and Grammy® award winning singer Michael Bolton. The launch party welcomed art, fashion and design industry visionaries, leading real estate developers and members of New York City’s sophisticated nightlife scene.

Notable attendees included: Warren Kay, Terry Doe, Eduardo Vazquez, Loy Carlos, Kenneth Moore, Pamela Morgan, Don Peebles, Katrina Peebles, John Mahdessian, Leesa Rowland, Fadi Khoury, Luciana Pampalone, Steve Fredericks, Genesis Jones, Nancy Pearson, Wendy Diamond, Jasmine Glass, Malgosia Garnys, Wael Deek, Tracey Rowell, Missy Hargraves, and Karen Ballou.

Inside the festively decorated showroom – with flowers from Flatiron florist Blooming Affairs – guests were introduced to the Intelligent Living transformable modular system. What seemed like ample seating room, were day and night variations of the transformable modular system for the bedroom, living room and office which offers the owner a multi-purpose, all-encompassing experience. Leading the tech-driven future of home and furniture design, MDRN’s innovative lifestyle solution is set to redefine the standard of luxury living.

Also, on display, the new Ori Pocket Closet from robotic interiors company Ori Collections surprised the lively crowd as a seemingly boxed entertainment system expanded into a full-sized, walk-in closet, spanning nine feet. Reimagining age-old concepts in design and real estate development, Intelligent Living by MDRN and Ori Collection’s Pocket Closet were awe-inspiring, allowing guests to brainstorm ideas for their own future spaces.

The MDRN Showroom featured original artworks by talented visual artists Manuel Knapp and Vianey, a Colombian-American contemporary artist and founder of the COOL ART movement. Guests snapped photos of the creative art pieces displayed throughout MDRN as they enjoyed the evening’s signature cocktails and wine from Pampelonne, hors d’oeuvres from Flatiron Restaurant OBICA, and holiday sweets including MDRN designed cookies by Artistic Creations.

In the Winter 2018 cover story of Classiques Modernes, Larry Scott of Lawrence Scott Events discusses his journey and the most significant moments of his career at the top of the events business. The event planning company produces over 120 events a year, providing an unforgettable experience and memorable escape for all those in attendance.

Sponsors for the Intelligent Living Launch Party include: Immunocologie, The Glam App, Pampelonne, Tick Tock Naturals, OBICA and Blooming Affairs.

(Photo Credit: Bruno Aponte and Dave Warren. See individual photo for credit)

About MDRN:

Founded by the legendary interiors and futurist designer Warren Kay, MDRN comprises some of the finest statement pieces in furniture and textile design, and is a haven for refined, articulate, signature pieces that will enhance any room in your home, adding elegance and style. The modern and upscale furniture design is the finest in Italian craftsmanship enacting sustainability measures to ensure an eco-friendly and 100% emission-free process. Merging the latest technology with art and design, the transformable modular system is fully customizable with over 100 finishes, materials, fabrics, leathers and digital imaging options.

The newly launched Intelligent Living System transforms the way we use traditional spaces. The many optional modular elements create a complete customization for the home transforming a single-use space into a multi-purpose experience. Beautifully designed, architecturally distinctive, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, MDRN’s Intelligent Living is manufactured using contemporary pieces to showcase the latest technology and the best in design.

For more information about MDRN’s Intelligent Living, please visit

Facebook: @MDRNNYC | Instagram: @MDRNDSGN

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief Loy Carlos of Classiques Modernes, Co-Founder & President Kenneth Moore of Classiques Modernes ©Dave Warren


Futurist & Interior Designer Warren Kay, Billboard-charting singer-songwriter Genesis Jones ©Dave Warren


Guest, Merchandising Manager Eduardo Vazquez of MDRN Showroom ©Bruno Aponte


Exclusive Leasing & Managing Agent Steve Fredericks of the Decoration & Design Building ©Dave Warren


President and CEO John Mahdessian of Madame Paulette ©Dave Warren


Real Estate Developer Don Peebles, Guest ©Bruno Aponte


Billboard-charting singer-songwriter Genesis Jones ©Dave Warren


Leesa Rowland, Missy Hargraves, guest, Larry Wohl ©Dave Warren


Futurist & Interior Designer Warren Kay, Tracey Rowell ©Bruno Aponte


Jasmine Glass, Wael Deek ©Bruno Aponte


Dancer & Choreographer Fadi Khoury ©Bruno Aponte


Guest, Wendy Diamond ©Bruno Aponte


Atmosphere ©Bruno Aponte


Atmosphere ©Bruno Aponte


Atmosphere ©Bruno Aponte


Atmosphere ©Bruno Aponte


Atmosphere ©Bruno Aponte


Atmosphere ©Dave Warren



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