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The Life of The Party: Lifestyle & Entertaining Expert Pamela Morgan of Flirting With Flavors

Lifestyle Expert Pamela Morgan of Flirting With Flavors ©Pamela Morgan/Flirting With Flavors

Lifestyle Expert Pamela Morgan of Flirting With Flavors ©Pamela Morgan/Flirting With Flavors

‘Tis the season for gathering, and Lifestyle and Entertaining Expert Pamela Morgan of Flirting with Flavors leads the special events and culinary company serving both New York City and The Hamptons to create once in a lifetime event experiences for all who attend. Those who enjoy the Flirting With Flavors culinary and event experience, look to Pamela for inspiration on how to create excitement and delectability in the kitchen. Through her cooking videos and blogs, posted to the Flirting With Flavors website, people who wish to entertain and cook like a chef will be provided a guide to crafting their own fabulous culinary and event experiences.

Those looking to entertain can book an event with Flirting with Flavors to access Pamela’s expertise and elegant New York City private venue which accommodates 75 guests. The sophisticated venue can be designed to your desires and offers both indoor and outdoor terrace space, overlooking Central Park and 5th Avenue.

For a unique way to entertain, Flirting with Flavors’ Cooking Parties in the private kitchen provides an intimate instructional experience for 6-16 guests to learn delicious recipes directly from Pamela Morgan. Cooking Party menus are customized to the client’s desire, based on the season, dietary considerations or cultural influence which includes, but not limited to, Fall, Winter, Healthy, Vegetarian, Italian, French, Asian or Mexican. Host a Cooking Party from your own kitchen or venue to celebrate birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, engagement parties, holiday parties or corporate events.

Displaying her design savvy and culinary expertise as a chef and cookbook author, she hosts Live Cooking Shows on her Facebook (FlirtingWithFlavors) and Instagram (@FlirtingWithFlavors) featuring special guests from the culinary industry. Pamela Morgan demonstrates how to craft simple recipes at home and recounts her food and travel journey on her social media and blog.

Pamela Morgan has accrued many years of industry experience catering a variety of affairs including notable charity events, exclusive dinner parties and weddings. Casting a meticulous eye over the planning process, she coordinates highly skilled vendors, designs event décor to theme and caters a delicious display of seasonal favorites.

Eager to share her expert knowledge on food, lifestyle and health trends, she authored Pamela Morgan’s Flavors, published by Viking Penguin, where she introduced to aspiring cooks how to craft delicious dishes. The instructional read serves up to 200 recipes from soups to salads, entrees and desserts. She is currently writing a new book as an extension to Flavors. Pamela Morgan strives to help people connect in the creative, bonding space of the kitchen, around a beautifully arranged table and over an excellently prepared dish.

About Pamela Morgan

Lifestyle & Entertaining Expert Pamela Morgan is the founder and CEO of Flirting with Flavors, a special events and culinary company serving both New York City and The Hamptons. She has planned and produced the event experience for non-profit charity galas, private gatherings and exclusive events, and is known for her one-of-a-kind private parties, wedding celebrations and special events for loyal clientele and their distinguished guests. Demonstrating her flair for entertaining and culinary expertise, Pamela Morgan oversees Flirting With Flavors and an impressive roster of vendors including a skilled culinary team, lighting professionals, floral designers, printing manufacturers and logistic coordinators. Pamela Morgan commits herself to executing unique celebrations that take guests on an unforgettable sensory journey. Her undisputed eye for design brings to life the most vivid ideas shared between herself and her clients. Flirting With Flavors is dedicated to entertaining, cooking and creating experiences that inspire.                                                                                                                                           

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