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Don, Katrina and Chloe Peebles, with Georgina Bloomberg Celebrated the Benefit for Give Back for Special Equestrians

Isabel Ernst, Dr. Heather Kuhl, Chloe Peebles, Don Peebles, Katrina Peebles, Caroline Philipson, Sissy DeMaria-Koehne ©Patrick McMullan

Isabel Ernst, Dr. Heather Kuhl, Chloe Peebles, Don Peebles, Katrina Peebles, Caroline Philipson, Sissy DeMaria-Koehne ©Patrick McMullan

Real Estate developers and philanthropists Don and Katrina Peebles, and their daughter Chloe, a competitive junior equestrian on the First Blue Show Circuit, saddled up with Rolls-Royce, Goldman Sachs and Georgina Bloomberg raising nearly $50,000 to benefit Give Back for Special Equestrians at a Bridgehampton benefit in support of children and veterans with disabilities. The summer soiree was held at the stunning Peebles’ estate against an opulent backdrop of serenading Juilliard School violinists and 2018 Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. A lively mix of celebrities, elite equestrians, local Hampton residents, and business executives celebrated the power of horsemanship and the unique ability horses have in healing the mind, body and spirit.

Notable attendees included: Don Peebles, Katrina Peebles, Chloe Peebles, Donahue Peebles III, Georgina Bloomberg, Sissy De Maria-Koehne, Dr. Heather Kuhl, Isabel Ernst, Ramona Singer, Nicole Cicogna, Jukai Sugarman, Tomoko Sawamura, Isabel Ernst, Dr. Heather Kuhl, Virginia Terry, Shana Kaufman, Lauren Marcus, Colin Harrison, Sarah Bray, Lynn Scotti, Dr. Guenther Koehne, Grant Kennedy, Michael Snell, Mary Kong, Lauren Reischer Sol Reischer, Libby Karmely, Shahab Karmely, Jan Juran, Bernard Lackner, Anetta Nowosielska, Joe Farrell, Chris Reardon and Paul Iritani.

The lovely evening took place on the Peebles lawn surrounded by a beautiful garden landscape. Distinguished guests mingled under the illuminated tent enjoying wine and spirits provided by event sponsor Black Stallion Winery. Greeting his guests, real estate developer, author and family man Don Peebles expressed his gratitude and what it meant to his family to be a part of the virtuous cause.

Don Peebles spoke highly of his daughter’s motivation to support Give Back for Special Equestrians. He introduces Chloe by saying, “I am so incredibly proud of you for not only your accomplishments as a competitive equestrian, but in your compassion for others and your desire to share your lifelong love of horses through your involvement with this charitable organization.”

Chloe Peebles, who has maintained a successful 14-year equestrian career, followed suit in thanking her parents and guests for joining in support of Give Back for Special Equestrians. She says, “Give Back for Special Equestrians is changing the lives of so many and to be able to support such a wonderful cause within the equestrian community has always been a dream of mine. For 14 years, especially during these past teenage years, I have come to realize and appreciate how impactful the relationship with horses and the equestrian culture can be.” Eloquently, Chloe expressed her passion for horseback riding and her fondness of the majestic animal, further describing the pivotal role the sport has played in her life. Chloe also thanked First Blue Stables, who helped sponsor the event, for all the training and support over the years. Her heartfelt words brought smiles to the faces of attendees and warmed the spirits of donors prepared to give back.

CEO and founder Sissy DeMaria-Koehne, alongside co-founders Dr. Heather Kuhl and Isabel Ernst, started the all-volunteer organization Give Back for Special Equestrians on a mission to raise funds to provide therapeutic horseback riding and equine-assisted scholarships for children and veterans with Autism, Spina Bifida, Paralysis and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among other disabilities. Sharing a passion for horses, they wanted to bring the joys of horsemanship, in addition to the life-changing benefits of equine therapy, to those facing some of life’s most difficult challenges. The transformative benefits of equine therapy help people with disabilities improve balance, posture, hand-eye coordination, as well as self-esteem, self-confidence and self-control.

“Thanks to the benevolence of our title sponsor, Don, Katrina and Chloe Peebles of The Peebles Corporation, Rolls-Royce and all of our generous supporting sponsors, we are able to pay forward our mutual joy for horses and horsemanship to offer more children and veterans living with mental, cognitive or emotional disabilities direct access to ‘horsepower’ that heals,” said Sissy DeMaria-Koehne.

As part of the evening’s festivities, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars presented a $5,000 donation to Give Back for Special Equestrian, supporting The Peebles Corporation’s and Give Back for Special Equestrians’ $30,000 donation to New York City therapeutic stable partner, GallopNYC. Accepting the donation, Executive Director Nicole Cicogna of GallopNYC was joined by accomplished equestrian Jukai Sugarman and her mother Tomoko Sawamura, who is also a volunteer of the nonprofit organization. The support of the generous contributions made by the Peebles Corporation and charity partner Give Back for Special Equestrians will provide therapeutic riding programs for children and adults with disabilities.

Philanthropist Katrina Peebles presented the opportunity to give back as a combined effort to provide at least 25 annual riding scholarships to riders like Jukai. One-by-one, donors raised their hands compelled to support Give Back for Special Equestrians. Guests also enjoyed a lively auction of a round-trip flight from Manhattan to the Hamptons on Blade aviation, an event sponsor. Another lucky winner received a three-night stay at Rosemary’s Cottage exquisite vacation cottage filled with historic, old-world charm and modern comfort donated by The Fisher Island Club in Miami. The event was catered by Shiraz, one of New York’s premier event companies, providing decadent hors d’oeuvres throughout the elegant evening.

Sponsors included title sponsor The Peebles Corporation, as well as supporting sponsors Rolls-Royce, Goldman Sachs, VistaJet, Fisher Island Club, Hamptons Magazine, KAR Properties, 2000 Ocean, One River Point, First Blue Stables, Alexis, Blade and Black Stallion Winery.

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Photo Credit: Sean Zanni /Patrick McMullan Company

About Give Back for Special Equestrians

Give Back for Special Equestrians, formerly Give a Buck for Special Equestrians, is a Florida-based nonprofit 501©3. The all-volunteer organization founded by Sissy DeMaria-Koehne, Dr. Heather Kuhl and Isabel Ernst in Vero Beach, Florida in 2013, provides therapeutic horseback riding and equine assisted scholarships for disabled children and veterans through its partner stables in New York and Florida. Give Back for Special Equestrians aims to share the joy of horses and horsemanship with those facing some of life’s most difficult physical, emotional and mental challenges and enable them to experience the life changing benefits of horsepower that heals. Through its Young Ambassador program, youth between ages 7-17 are encouraged to pay forward their blessings through active volunteerism. Young Ambassadors meet monthly during the school year and assist with a variety of fund and “friend” raising activities. For more information please visit

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Donahue Peebles III, Chloe Peebles, Georgina Bloomberg, Katrina Peebles, Don Peebles ©Patrick McMullan


Chloe Peebles, Georgina Bloomberg ©Patrick McMullan


Isabel Ernst, Dr. Heather Kuhl, Sissy DeMaria, Jukai Sugarman, Virginia Terry, Nicole Cicogna ©Rob Rich/Society Allure


Georgina Bloomberg ©Patrick McMullan


Michael Snell ©Patrick McMullan


Laura Aker, Shana Kaufman ©Patrick McMullan


Chloe Peebles, Jukai Sugarman ©Rob Rich/Society Allure


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Jan Juran, Bernard Lackner ©Patrick McMullan


Anetta Nowosielska ©Rob Rich/Society Allure


Chris Reardon, Paul Iritani ©Patrick McMullan


Sissy DeMaria-Koehne, Lauren Reischer, Jukai Sugarman, Tomoko Sawamura, Don Peebles, Chloe Peebles, Katrina Peebles, Donahue Peebles III ©Patrick McMullan


The Juilliard School ©Rob Rich/Society Allure


Katrina Peebles, Chloe Peebles, Sissy DeMaria-Koehne, Isabel Ernst, Dr. Heather Kuhl, Nicole Cicogna ©Patrick McMullan


Michael Snell, Katrina Peebles, Sissy DeMaria-Koehne, Chloe Peebles, Don Peebles, Isabel Ernst, Dr. Heather Kuhl ©Patrick McMullan


Atmosphere ©Rob Rich/Society Allure


Atmosphere ©Patrick McMullan


Atmosphere ©Patrick McMullan



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