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Dancers For Good’s 3rd Annual Benefit Raised Funds To Support The Actors Fund At Guild Hall in East Hampton

Amy Marshall Dance Company opened Dancers For Good with an excerpt from DVIJA ©Dancers For Good, Inc.

Amy Marshall Dance Company opened Dancers For Good with an excerpt from DVIJA
©Dancers For Good, Inc.

The Evening Featured Performances by Renowned Dance Companies and Honored Chita Rivera and Bebe Neuwirth

A gifted assemblage of dancers gave their time and miraculous talents in support of Dancers For Good to raise funds for the vital services of the evening’s beneficiary, The Actors Fund. Members from Amy Marshall Dance Company, Carolyn Dorfman Dance, Eryc Taylor Dance, Martha Graham Dance Company, Pam Tanowitz Dance, Paul Taylor Dance Company and special guest stars Adrienne Canterna and tap dancer Luke Hawkins transported an audience of over 350 people by the mesmerizing and awe-inspiring capacity of the human body to express itself through the marvelous wonder of movement through dance.

Notable attendees included: Chita Rivera, Michael Apuzzo, Eric Gunhus, Barbara Davis, Bebe Neuwirth, Luke Hawkins, Stephanie Pope, Howard Williams, Lloyd Culbreath, Luke Hawkins, Bernt Heiberg, Cristina Cuomo, Andrea Greeven Douzet, Raul Ruiz, Simon Sutton, Don Sutton, Sylvain Bazinet, Nancy Vaden, Steve Ram, Amy Marshall, Eryc Taylor, Michel Wallerstein, Pam Tanowitz, Victor Lozano, Patricia Delgado, Jason Collins, Madelyn Ho, Christina Lynch Markham.

Between performances, Dancers For Good co-founders and co-producers Eric Gunhus and Michael Apuzzo, with the evening’s host Stephanie Pope, a renowned Broadway actor and dancer, paid tribute to Chita Rivera and Bebe Neuwirth, two iconic legends of dance.  Through their talent demonstrated via luminous careers, and also as vigorous champions of dancers, Ms. Rivera and Ms. Neuwirth embody what it means to be a Dancer For Good. Ms. Rivera was honored with the first annual Lifetime Achievement in Dance Award and Ms. Neuwirth was the recipient of the inaugural Dance Humanitarian Award for her tireless advocacy on behalf of dancers, which is exemplified by her founding of The Dancers’ Resource within The Actors Fund.

Following the performance, guests including interior designers Bernt Heiberg and Bill CummingsCristina Cuomo, Darren Starr, David Nickle, Hal Rubenstein, Joe Lupo, architect Russell Groves, President of HBO Simon Sutton, six-time Emmy-winning Nancy Vaden, celebrity facialist Thuyen Nguyen and The Actors Fund’s Barbara Davis enjoyed chilled Fleurs de Prairie rosé, HINT water and delicious hors d’oeuvres at a cocktail reception under the stars at Guild Hall in East Hampton.

Eric Gunhus, co-founder said of the evening, “Over the last three years we have seen our audience triple in size and we are immensely proud of coupling that with bringing world-class dance to the Hamptons and raising awareness for The Actors Fund’s many services. We look forward to seeing the event get bigger and better and like Chita Rivera quipped on stage Friday night, ‘there’s still a lot of salt left in the shaker!’”

Photo Credit: ©Dancers For Good, Inc.

About Dancers For Good

During the summer of 2015, dancer Michael Apuzzo of Paul Taylor Dance Company, and event planner plus former Broadway performer Eric Gunhus conceived bringing a new and fresh event to the Hamptons: a dance festival featuring some of the most prestigious dance companies, prominent choreographers and talented dancers in the business, sharing their gifts to raise funds in support of the performing arts while offering the local community an unparalleled and magical evening of entertainment.

The name Dancers For Good is two-fold in meaning. Dance is a discipline that stays with dancers their entire life…for good. Additionally, this event brings together incredible dancers eager to give their time, talents and energy to give back…to do good.

For more information about Dancers For Good, please visit:

Facebook: DancersForGood | Instagram: @DancersForGood

Chita Rivera ©Dancers For Good, Inc.


Barbara Davis ©Dancers For Good, Inc.


Lloyd Culbreath, Stephanie Pope ©Dancers For Good, Inc.


Eric Gunhus, Michael Apuzzo ©Dancers For Good, Inc.


Bebe Neuwirth, Chita Rivera ©Dancers For Good, Inc.


Stephanie Pope ©Dancers For Good, Inc.


Bernt Helberg, Bill Cummings ©Dancers For Good, Inc.


Raul Ruiz, Nancy Vaden, Steve Ram ©Dancers For Good, Inc.


Simon Sutton, Don Sutton and Sylvain Bazinet ©Dancers For Good, Inc.


Bebe Neuwirth ©Dancers For Good, Inc.


Luke Hawkins ©Dancers For Good, Inc.


Eryc Taylor, Michel Wallerstein ©Dancers For Good, Inc.


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Atmosphere ©Dancers For Good, Inc.


Atmosphere ©Dancers For Good, Inc.



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