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Kelly Rutherford Celebrates Resident Magazine’s June 2018 Cover at Zirkova House

Kenza Salahdine, Hilary Latos, Kelly Rutherford, Derek Anderson, Christopher Pape ©Stefen Pompee

Kenza Salahdine, Hilary Latos, Kelly Rutherford, Derek Anderson, Christopher Pape ©Stefen Pompee

Resident Magazine Editor-in-Chief Hillary Latos and Publisher Christopher Pape were among distinguished guests gathered at the exclusive Zirkova House, home of the multi award-winning vodka brand, Zirkova One+Together, to celebrate the June 2018 Travel Issue cover girl, Kelly Rutherford.

Best known for her TV characters, playing Lily van der Woodsen, matriarch on hit drama series Gossip Girl and an award-winning role as Stephanie Whitmore in the soap opera Generations, it is Rutherford’s advocacy efforts for women’s rights that captivated Resident Magazine readers, attendees, and fans everywhere.

Other notable guests included: Amir Arison, Derek Anderson, Malgosia Garnys, Phillip Haas, Frank Bell, Judy Harvest, Axum Araya, Taylor Beckham, Tanya Tauthong-Kass, Dr. Eric Braverman, Ariel Cohen, Diana Cristea, Barry Drexler, Valaerie Malakova, Doree Lewak, Andrea Negrini, Dena Pilevsky, Mandie Erickson, Judi Harvest, Derek Anderson

Christopher Pape, formerly Resident Magazine’s editor-in-chief, made his debut as the newly appointed Publisher and Creative Director. Working alongside Ms. Latos, they have redesigned the publication and brought new vitality to this storied title with the aim of ensuring it’s continued relevance to the publication’s growing readership.

“We are thrilled to have Kelly Rutherford on our June cover this month to celebrate her achievements as an actress in the industry.  With her strong commitment to women’s rights it was only befitting to have her cover party at the stunning Zirkova House,” says Resident Magazine Editor-in-Chief Hillary Latos.

Kelly Rutherford’s arrival, in an all-white ensemble, mirrored the effortless beauty she displayed on the cover of Resident Magazine’s June 2018 issue, unveiled in a sequin, assymetrical, dress with a plunging neckline. Hair and makeup for the cover shoot was styled, by Bata Plavsic of Angelo David Salon into a classic, but relaxed, bouffant bump swept away from her face using The Flex Brush to showcase Rutherford’s timeless beauty. Plavsic prepped Rutherford’s skin with La Prairie Skincare for the magazine cover shoot.

“Kelly is a classic beauty so I wanted to create an old Hollywood sophisticated look for her. Very clean, simple and polished, one of my favorites,” says celebrity hair and makeup artist Bata Plavsic of Angelo David Salon.

Zirkova One+Together is proud to have Resident Magazine’s June 2018 Cover Release with actress Kelly Rutherford,” says Derek Anderson, Partner at Zirkova. “Part of our ethos is a commitment to making sure this world in which we live is an equal, empathic, and uplifting one for all; and we are certainly not stranger’s to Kelly’s lauded reputation as an activist for Women’s and children’s rights. We couldn’t think of a more fitting person to be supporting.”

Guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres provided by rustic Latin American restaurant La Pulperia, located in Midtown, on the Upper East Side and in Hell’s Kitchen. Specialty cocktails were crafted by Zirkova One+Together and other libations from Gabriel Boudier Dijon, Bache Gabrielsen, Trois Riviéres, Vivanco wines, Besserat de Bellefon and Miraval Provence Rose.

(Photo Credit: Stefen Pompee)

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About Zirkova One+Together:

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About La Pulperia

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Midtown, 151 East 57th Street, New York, NY 10022

Hell’s Kitchen, 371 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036

Upper East Side, 1626 2nd Avenue (@ 84th Street), New York, NY 10028

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Kelly Rutherford ©Stefen Pompee


Amir Arison ©Stefen Pompee


Terry Doe, Judy Harvest ©Stefen Pompee


Christopher Pape, Amir Arison, Hilary Latos ©Stefen Pompee


Kelly Rutherford, Malgosia Garnys ©Stefen Pompee


Tanya Tauthong-Kass, Kelly Rutherford, Hillary Latos ©Stefen Pompee


Friend, Kelly Rutherford, Hilary Latos ©Stefen Pompee


Atmosphere ©Stefen Pompee


Atmosphere ©Stefen Pompee


Atmosphere ©Stefen Pompee



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