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New York’s Decoration & Design Building Presented NYC&G’s Brilliantly British

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New York’s iconic Decoration & Design Building (DDB) celebrated British creativity, craftsmanship and heritage with eight British Interior Design Showrooms participating in the event, showcasing the very best of British design. Participating Showrooms included: Kick-Off event host Style Library, Chesneys, Cowtan & Tout, de Le Couna, Farrow & Ball, Ochre, Romo and Vaughan Designs. Across 59th street, Savoir Beds invited attendees to a post-event cocktail reception. The participating showrooms paired up with fellow British brands for a multi-sensory experience, which included: The White Company, Seedlip, Bremont Collection, Floris London, Molton Brown, Snowdonia Cheese Company, Whittard of Chelsea, Rococo Chocolates, Llanllyr Source Water, Walkers Shortbread, Wedgwood, Darlington Crystal, Gingerlily and Chapel Down.

The event included product showcases, afternoon teas, chocolate tastings, beauty and home fragrance experiences, and was held in collaboration with the UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) and New York Cottages & Gardens. Marianne Howatson CEO/Publication Director, C&G Media Group, delivered the opening remarks, followed by a few words by Paul Colley, President of the Style Library. Lastly, Clare Risman, Head of Marketing, Americas at DIT, thanked everyone for attending the event and for supporting British brands in the US. Also in attendance were Victoria Harman, Vice Consul, Retail & Luxury, DIT; Catherine Sarreal, Marketing Campaign Manager USA, DIT; Stephanie Rothman, Business Development Manager, DIT; and Designer Caleb Anderson from design firm Drake/Anderson, who co-hosted the experience at Vaughan.

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About the Decoration & Design Building

The Decoration & Design Building is located in Manhattan, on Third Avenue between 58th and 59th Streets. Known nationally and internationally as the world’s most important home to over 130 showrooms, the DDB represents over 3,000 leading manufacturers dedicated to the very best in residential and business interior furnishings, educational opportunities and resource information. The D&D Building is open exclusively to the trade and welcomes design industry professionals from all over the world. The building also incorporates Upper Story, situated on the 14th floor, which is the building’s scenic events venue, conference center and restaurant, with cuisine by celebrity chef and culinary icon, Charlie Palmer. The DDB is owned and operated by Charles S. Cohen.

The DDB hosts two major Market events each year; one in the spring and one in the fall. The Markets, which are often held in partnership with the world’s top editorial voices and industry trade organizations, examine all aspects of design and the decorative arts. Over 2,000 design professionals and industry leaders attend these Market events, with over 200 in attendance at each of the DDB keynote presentations.

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Clare Risman, Marianne Howatson at the Style Library ©LandinoPhoto for NYC&G


Paul Colley at the Style Library ©LandinoPhoto for NYC&G


Caleb Anderson at Vaughan ©LandinoPhoto for NYC&G


Victoria Harman, Catherine Sarreal, Alyssa Abrams, Stephanie Rothman, Liz Nightingale, Holly Speck ©LandinoPhoto for NYC&G


Atmosphere at the Style Library ©LandinoPhoto for NYC&G


Chesneys ©LandinoPhoto for NYC&G


Savoir Beds ©LandinoPhoto for NYC&G


Molton Brown at de Le Cuona ©LandinoPhoto for NYC&G


Seedlip at Chesneys ©LandinoPhoto for NYC&G


Romo ©LandinoPhoto for NYC&G


Farrow & Ball ©LandinoPhoto for NYC&G


The White Company at the Style Library ©LandinoPhoto for NYC&G


Rococo Chocolate at Ochre ©LandinoPhoto for NYC&G


Wedgwood at Vaughan Designs ©LandinoPhoto for NYC&G


Floris London at Cowtan &Tout ©LandinoPhoto for NYC&G



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