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Humans of Fashion Foundation Hosted a Launch Event

Antoniette Costa, Kristina Romanova ©Patrick McMullan

Antoniette Costa, Kristina Romanova ©Patrick McMullan

Connecting the Fashion Industry to a Support Network Of Pro-Bono Lawyers and Counselors

Not-for-profit organization Humans of Fashion Foundation hosted its star-studded launch event at Cipriani Broadway in New York City. The evening’s speakers included Humans of Fashion Foundation co-founder and model Kristina Romanova; model, actress, and singer-songwriter Caron Bernstein; author Panache Desai; and model Ubah Hassan. The event also featured music by DJ Chloe Jane and a music video debut by TK Wonder.

Notable attendees included: Antoniette Costa, Kristina Romanova, DJ Chloe Jane, TK Wonder, Avanti Gupta, Genesis Jones, Caron Bernstein, Ray Angry, Blanca Padilla, Maryna Linchuk, Simone Aptekman, Cipriana Quann, Anabela Belikava, Diana Moldovan, Ubah Hassan, Aamito Lagum, Victoria Lopyreva and more.

Fashion model Kristina Romanova (Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabanna) and singer-songwriter/lawyer Antoniette Costa (Billboard Classical Charts) founded the Humans of Fashion Foundation to create a platform that guides and connects individuals in the fashion industry who have experienced sexual harassment, abuse, misconduct and assault in the fashion industry with pro bono and subsidized legal professionals, counselors, and support networks. The Humans of Fashion Foundation wants to create a safer workplace for ALL professionals in the fashion industry from models and designers to stylists and makeup artists.

By releasing an application dedicated to real time reporting, Humans of Fashion Foundation hopes to bring a revolutionary approach to the issue of sexual harassment and assault in the industry, and create a platform for discussion. By incorporating technology into the platform, it’s working to make the industry safer and encourage support between fashion veterans and the younger generation.

Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan

To watch DJ Chloe Jane’s music performance, please visit: http://bit.ly/2G2Yzu9

About Humans of Fashion Foundation

The Humans of Fashion Foundation, co-founded by Kristina Romanova and Antoniette Costa aims to address and prevent sexual harassment, assault, abuse and misconduct in the fashion industry. The Humans of Fashion Foundation aims to achieve this by providing a platform to guide those who have experienced this type of abuse and connect them to pro bono and subsidized legal professionals, counselors, and support networks.

Founders Kristina Romanova and Antoniette Costa are available to discuss this empowering platform and technology.  Please contact us to arrange an interview.

For more information, please visit www.humansoffashion.org

Facebook: HumansofFashionFoundation| Instagram: HumansofFashionF | Twitter: HmnsofFashionF

Chloe Jane ©Patrick McMullan


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Atmosphere ©Patrick McMullan



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