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Grill All Summer Long With Hampton Salt Company’s Natural Sea Salts


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Summer is here and that means spending plenty of quality time with your grill. Grill up all of your summer favorites with luxury salts from Hamptons Salt Company. Based in Southampton, NY, Hampton Salt Company offers an array of raw salts, infused salts, and smoked salts to flavor your grilled meats and veggies through Labor Day (and beyond).

Hamptons Salt Company collections include The Daily Chef (for daily kitchen use), The Bartender (for tasty cocktails), The Flavor Seeker (an amazing starter set), The Connoisseur (the height of luxury salts), The Globe Trotter (for adventurous taste-seekers), The Collector (20 mini jars packed with flavor), and the Grill Master (specifically for the grill.) Here’s a little bit more about The Grill Master, the collection of the season. The Grill Master contains three 4-ounce jars of artisan sea salt in popular flavors: Smoked Hickory, Smoked Mesquite, and Espresso. The salts work perfectly on meats, poultry, veggies, and pretty much anything you can grill.

These salts aren’t just delicious—though that certainly helps. They’re also ethically sourced and much better for you than the refined salts you find at most supermarkets.

“I have always loved the sea. Little did I know that growing up on an island would guide me to create a company with all natural products derived from the great oceans of the world,” says Peter Pierce, Hamptons Salt Company founder. Once Pierce learned that most U.S. salt is less than ocean fresh, he decided to change that. “As a concerned father, I am cautious about what my family eats and once I began researching salt, I discovered that most of the salt Americans consume is actually nothing more than chemicals,” he says. “Refined salts are stripped of all natural minerals found in the sea and most contain potentially unhealthy anti-clumping additives.” This led him to clear his kitchen of all refined salts. “I realized using [refined salt] wasn’t a smart choice for my family,” says Pierce. “So I went to our cupboard and got rid of all the refined salts, including my kosher salt. This is how Hamptons Salt Company was born and since then, I’ve created an amazing assortment of all natural salts from around the world.”

This summer, give your friends and family the gift of natural sea salt on anything you choose to grill!

About Hamptons Salt Company

Hamptons Salt Company, founded by Peter Pierce in Southampton, NY, is the preeminent provider of all natural sea salt. The company’s salt merchants scour the world to offer the best selection of raw salts, flavored salts or smoked salts. All of the company’s salts are unrefined and have no unhealthy additives. Each salt has a unique taste profile based on the sea from where it originated and the natural minerals are not stripped out like refined salt. Hampton Salt Company’s selection of flavored and smoked salts are all natural and provide a burst of flavor with just a pinch and can add some zip to any meal, snack or drink!

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