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Luxury Silver Whiskey Manhattan Moonshine Served Signature Cocktails at Stylish New York Philanthropy Event World Fashion Parade 2016

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Luxury silver whiskey brand Manhattan Moonshine served up its signature Brown Derby cocktail at the World Fashion Parade powered by Elucid Magazine, at Gotham Hall on Sunday, September 25th, 2016. Attendees could enjoy the perfectly balanced cocktail consisting of Manhattan Moonshine, fresh grapefruit juice, honey syrup and soda water at the VIP party directly following the evening’s 8:00pm – Fashion for Peace show.

The event is aimed at bridging the worlds of fashion, art, entertainment, and philanthropy to create an unforgettable night. World Fashion Parade is a proud partner of #RebuildBarpak campaign by Gorkhaly Foundation of Washington DC, which aids in the after earthquake recovery of Nepal. World Fashion Parade also supports the fight against human trafficking by teaming up with Asha Nepal, a torchbearer in the fight against human trafficking. The event was powered by New York’s fashion forward print publication Elucid Magazine, who partnered up with World Fashion Parade to create an exciting event showcasing the latest collections by exceptional designers from around the world with world-class entertainment, world media, high-end buyers and much more, all in the name of spreading the message of world peace.

Manhattan Moonshine’s prohibition-era inspired cocktails perfectly complement the fashionable event, while bringing to mind the glamorous yet subversive nightlife that accompanied the era. Founder and CEO William Kehler will be on site to serve up these delicious cocktails throughout the evening. Due to its naturally sweet, grain forward flavor, Manhattan Moonshine makes the perfect whiskey for cocktails. Because it is aged for less than one hour, it lacks the heavy barrel flavors of a brown Whiskey, making it more approachable and versatile.

About Manhattan Moonshine

Manhattan Moonshine is the world’s first luxury silver Whiskey and has been designed to be the perfect Whiskey for cocktails and for new Whiskey drinkers. The Manhattan Moonshine Company, LLC was founded in 2013 by William Kehler to establish silver Whiskey as a legitimate expression of Whiskey that is competitive with Aged-Whiskey in flavor, quality and class. Using a unique grain bill featuring a combination of Oats, Rye, Spelt (an ancestral form of wheat) and Malted Barley with its unique production process, a collaboration between Kehler and whiskey expert Ian Smiley to create the formulation. Manhattan Moonshine delivers a smooth, grain-forward, Whiskey flavor that no other silver Whiskey is able to create.  A New York City native, Kehler is a New York City native and Whiskey enthusiast who is fascinated by the Prohibition era, Art Deco design and the Jazz age.

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About the World Fashion Parade

World Fashion Parade is a vision that represents Style and Fashion with the mission to promote World Peace, Nepal’s Art, Culture, Fashion and Tourism industry worldwide. Fashion is an Art! Art has no boundaries! Our main objective this year will be to bring designers, models, and audiences from around the world and unite them to deliver the universal message of world peace by the virtue of fashion and modeling. The multi-national event, now entering its 2nd Season, will be held on September 25, 2016 at the Historic Gotham Hall in the heart of Manhattan, NY. After one week of the New York Fashion Week, World Fashion Parade presents the latest collection by exceptional designers from around the world, world-class entertainment, chic after parties, world media, high-end buyers and much more.

For more information and to RSVP, visit www.worldfashionparade.com

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