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“Reel” Classics that Matter Most for a Successful Summer

Inspirational Films, Charitable Giving, and Modern Etiquette


While the summertime may be about travel, parties, and staying cool; why not take the opportunity to also reflect on you. Every New Year, resolutions are created with hopes of bettering one’s self. But halfway through the year reflect further on what you can do better for your spirit, for the world, or for your social environment. Be re-inspired by classic film favorites that are forever embedded in our psyche. Reel Wisdom is a quirky book of 125 inspirational quotes curated by screenwriter and director Sean K. Smith. Giving back may be among the best options to live up to one’s fullest potential. Jean Shafiroff’s Successful Philanthropy has teachings on how to make a greater impact on society. Take the steps to build a magnetic personality. Manners That Matter Most, by June Eding, is a modern book on etiquette that delivers new age techniques that appeal to any social circle.


Classic films have had an immeasurable impact on our popular culture. Sean K. Smith’s Reel Wisdom captures these pivotal moments with 125 inspirational quotes from film history. There is a relevant movie reference for any conversation. Curated by screenwriter and director Sean K. Smith, Reel Wisdom is full of memories. Keep Reel Wisdom on hand to test your clique of cinephiles or to reminisce about awe-inspiring moments from your beloved films. Editor and Columnist of Showbiz411.com, Roger Friedman, writes an inspiring foreword introducing readers to Reel Wisdom. Showbiz411.com is the leading site for exclusive entertainment news. It is his experience as an American film critic, film writer plus co-producer, and entertainment journalist that makes Friedman’s foreword both substantive and enlightening. The movies and inspirational quotes chosen for Reel Wisdom have done the same to change our society. Reel Wisdom has catalogued quotes into overarching themes that serve as chapters, and are easy to apply to real life. Chapters include; Perseverance, Seize the Day, Ordinary People, Dealing with Conflict, The Wisdom of Clint Eastwood plus 13 more.

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A Garden of Inspiration

Successful Philanthropy: How to Make a Life By What You Give, by prominent philanthropist Jean Shafiroff, is a practical guide to modern giving that redefines philanthropy for today’s era. Far beyond making monetary donations, philanthropy today encompasses giving time and knowledge, resources that can be just as valuable as financial contributions. Successful Philanthropy offers the practical guidance and inspiring perspective that empowers all of us to take part in building a better world. Learn to identify your passions and interests and discover how they can guide your philanthropic work. Find the best ways to choose a charity that will offer personal fulfillment while also making the best use of your contribution to the cause of your choice. Successful Philanthropy features a special introduction by Georgina Bloomberg who discusses how she paired her background as an equestrian and as a philanthropist to launch her charitable venture, The Riders Closet. In addition, the book features a foreword by Scott Elkins, US Campaign Director of the Margaret Thatcher Scholarship Trust at Oxford University and CEO of SE Advisors, who salutes author Jean Shafiroff for encouraging others to “help bring about change,” through the text and her philanthropic initiatives in any way possible.

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Etiquette is one of the most valuable assets a person can have: knowing how best to present yourself, and how to deal with others in a direct, effective manner, is paramount in all personal, professional, and social relationships. In Manners That Matter Most – the Easy Guide to Etiquette at Home and in the World – published by Hatherleigh Press, researched and written by June Eding, with a special foreword by Norah Lawlor – covers topics from introductions, greetings and thank-you’s, to the etiquette of modern technology. This book is a valuable resource and much-needed guide for the fast-paced digital world. The book, in its second printing, is available from Amazon.com and in Barnes & Noble Bookstores

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