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Westchester New York Moms Launches Marketplace Powered by EZBZ



Westchester NY Moms, a highly interactive local online community of over 8,400 moms in the Westchester County, NY area, has launched a new online Community Marketplace powered by EZBZ, a social concierge platform which connects users to businesses to process requests. 

Westchester NY Moms provides the only community endorsed online Marketplace in the area.  For busy moms, that means they can submit a free online request and have pricing along with availability sent directly to them that same day. To utilize the community’s network of businesses, users just go to WestchesterNYMoms.com where they will be greeted with the widget built by EZBZ. So for example, if a mom is looking for a nanny to come take care of her two kids on a Saturday night for four hours for $15.00/hour, she simply types those details in the box provided within the widget and then submits the request. From there, the EZBZ team then takes that information, filters it through its innovative technology and then sends it out to endorsed nannies or childcare agencies within the Westchester NY Moms Marketplace. For a rate more cost-effective than a Google referral, nannies or agencies interested in the job can submit a bid to the user. In the Marketplace, the user, like this mom for example, can view company profiles automatically generated by EZBZ including a business description, reviews and contact information.  Once the mom has made her selection, she takes the conversation offline and the transaction is processed, allowing her the freedom to enjoy her Saturday night.

The Marketplace is comprised of businesses that were recommended by the Westchester NY Moms community, making it a dependable and trusted resource for area moms.  Melissa Krochek, Founder of the Westchester NY Moms Community, is working with local businesses and community members to grow the marketplace every day by encouraging them to join or recommend the businesses they love to enhance their network.

Right now there are over 400 local businesses, spanning 20 categories with over 8,000 visits thus far, since its launch in October 2015. Beyond responding to consumer requests and being listed as a member business in the marketplace, local businesses can also use the marketplace to sell products or services, offer deals and display coupons. In January, businesses will also be given the opportunity purchase packages that include feature listings within their category, inquiry responses, coupon exposure and promotional posts across Westchester NY Moms’ social media network. For Krochek, the EZBZ widget provides busy moms with the opportunity to easily connect with local small businesses in real-time.

“While our interactive online group is an excellent resource to obtain recommendations for local services and products from our Westchester NY Moms community, it does not have the capability to organize them or provide costs and availability. Further, our group is limited in how it can help Moms who want to promote their own businesses.  EZBZ now provides a platform to do all these things,” she said.

“We frequently see posts in our group from Moms who are new to Westchester or are planning to move to Westchester. These people have very little knowledge of what the county has to offer,” she said adding, “Westchester is filled with many unique small businesses that are hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.”


Established in 2011, EZBZ is a social and honest marketplace where users post whenever they seek out a product or service, and responses are generated in the form of competitive bids from local businesses. Once a query is entered, EZBZ identifies and notifies local vendors that offer that product or service, sending them a request allowing them to respond with pricing and availability. Users typically begin receiving responses from businesses in minutes and, in many cases, with accurate pricing, thus saving the consumer time spent making phone calls, comparing prices or searching online. EZBZ’s goal is to offer its users a solution that is simple, efficient and affordable, while empowering thousands of local businesses that now have an equal opportunity to bid for a consumer’s business.

For more information, visit: www.myezbz.com


Westchester NY Moms is a local online community of mothers in Westchester County, NY who rely on each other for recommendations and support.  Since 2011, it has been an instant resource for moms who want to discover local things to do, places to go, businesses, services, and parenting solutions.  

Through Westchester NY Moms’ interactive social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, over 8,400 local moms can freely ask questions and get immediate input from their fellow moms, who they regard as genuine and trustworthy.  These moms appreciate our membership-required (yet free), Facebook group, “Westchester Moms” because its large size and private group environment gives them the support they need when they need it.

For more information, visit: www.westchesternymoms.com

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