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Manhattan Moonshine Jazz Night at Analogue

William Kehler Leading the Manhattan Moonshine Band

William Kehler Leading the Manhattan Moonshine Band

The world’s first luxury un-aged Whiskey Manhattan Moonshine hosted a Jazz Night Thursday, January 14, 2016 at Analogue, a cocktail bar in Greenwich Village. Attendees had their choice of delicious Manhattan Moonshine cocktails created by the mixologists at Analogue especially for the event. Along with the cocktails, the night featured live jazz courtesy of the Manhattan Moonshine band, which was by local cabaret legend Marissa Mulder and featured a special performance by the Manhattan Moonshine’s Founder & CEO, William Kehler. Notable attendees of this special jazz night included: Domenico Vacca, Terry George and Margo Manhattan.

Inspired by the cocktail renaissance that occurred during American Prohibition and the glamorous yet subversive nightlife that accompanied it, Founder and CEO William Kehler developed Manhattan Moonshine to be the perfect Whiskey for cocktails.

Manhattan Moonshine

Manhattan Moonshine

For more information on Manhattan Moonshine, visit: www.manhattan-moonshine.com

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