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Online Social Concierge Service myEZBZ Fixes Life’s Problems with a Few Keystrokes


For the first-time, there is an online social concierge service which enables its users in real-time to connect with businesses who then compete with each other to secure the job.

In the past, to find reputable companies for repairs or services, you would look them up in the Yellow Pages. Nowadays, people often consult Yelp or Google to find the best repairs. One would think the advent of the internet would mean better service, right? However, both of these options share one thing in common—the top listed providers pay top dollar to be listed first, potentially leaving small business with small budgets and staffs with exemplary service buried in the search results. The myEZBZ platform flips the script by making it impossible to use capital or business size to gain leverage in the bidding process.

myEZBZ allows its registered users to fill out a free request for services ranging from home repairs to finding a new personal trainer and everything in between. Within the autofill form, users can include any and all details along with images if desired. Then, the myEZBZ platform which is available for free in both the Apple App Store and in Google Play Store, utilizes smart and radius technologies to contact all businesses, all of which have been screened by EZBZ to ensure their legitimacy, within the user’s area with the specific details of their request. Businesses can then reach out to the user who posted the request, at the cost of only $1.00 per response, with competing bids allowing the user to pick the best vendor for the service they require. When a user is deciding which service provider is best, they are able to view a company profile for each vendor. Along with the basics of the business, each profile includes badges based on the services they offer. From sustainable business to gay friendly to ecofriendly, there are over 500 different badges businesses can earn on the EZBZ app. Once a user has combed through the profiles of the vendors that submitted a bid and made a selection, that transaction is then made private and taken off-app.

For businesses, besides paying the $1.00 fee to respond to a service request, there is no other way to get ahead within the myEZBZ platform, and that’s exactly the way EZBZ Founder and CEO Shana Schlossberg wants it. Established in 2011, Schlossberg started EZBZ, Inc. to pursue her passion of helping small businesses grow and empowering their owners. After 15 years working in the telecom industry, she noticed that large businesses could utilize capital or additional resources to be listed amongst the top business providers in the Yellow Pages. Sometimes, these companies are not necessarily the best, but they have the resources which allow them to better leverage their position and thus leave competition, which may be smaller yet may provide better service, in the dust. Businesses looking to advance their position within the app through pay to play tactics will be left disappointed, as every business pays the same $1.00 fee to respond to any and all requests submitted by users.

EZBZ, Inc. has recently launched partnerships with various businesses to create a widget to provide services to facilitate installation items purchased. For example, in May 2015, EZBZ, Inc. launched a partnership with New York electronics institution B & H Video to enable users at checkout the option to find a service provider to install products purchased. In the future, EZBZ, Inc. plans to launch additional partnerships within the business, insurance property management and additional Ecommerce platforms. Currently available only in the United States, EZBZ plans to launch in different countries with the goal of aiding small businesses on a global scale.


Established in 2011, EZBZ is a social and honest marketplace where users post whenever they seek out a product or service, and responses are generated in the form of competitive bids from local businesses. Once a query is entered, EZBZ identifies and notifies local vendors that offer that product or service, sending them a request allowing them to respond with pricing and availability. Users typically begin receiving responses from businesses in minutes and, in many cases, with accurate pricing, thus saving the consumer time spent making phone calls, comparing prices or searching online. EZBZ’s goal is to offer its users a solution that is simple, efficient and affordable, while empowering thousands of local businesses that now have an equal opportunity to bid for a consumer’s business.

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