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Social Life Magazine with Mushmoon Khan for Estevia Parfum Celebrate the August 2015 Issue

Social Life Magazine Publisher Justin Mitchell and Mushmoon Khan for Estevia Parfum celebrated the publication’s August 2015 issue at a private residence in Sag Harbor, NY on Saturday, August 8th, 2015.

Guests celebrated the publication’s most recent issue at the res as they were able to sample Estevia Parfum. This fall, the United Arab Emirates- based company will launch its Oud collection in North America, which contains fragrances reminiscent of the company’s Middle Eastern roots. Each of these perfumes of Arabia bring to light the vibrant, colorful Eastern culture but with the sophistication the Western customer desires.

Estevia Parfum’s scents are designed in simultaneously minimalistic and bold packaging, with velvety soft-to-the-touch bottles in monochromatic black with accents of gold and rose gold. The packaging pays homage to its Arabesque heritage, emulating the Middle Eastern architecture, juxtaposed with traditional floral inspiration, creating a regal emblem fit for a King or Queen.

Additional sponsors of the event included Rotari Wines and Douglas Elliman.

About Estevia Parfum:

From the Souqs of Dubai to the Walkways of France, Estevia Parfum’s fragrances transport you to places you’ve dreamed of. Every Estevia Parfum product is made with attention to the smallest details from the quality of the fragrance, to the bottle design, to the packaging design and feel and to the accents of gold and silver on the caps. Their line has a range of different scents to meet each individuals’ preference. Having been in the industry in Dubai for over 10 years, they have put in their time and expertise to bring forth these exclusive products to North America. Their vision and belief is that luxury should be affordable. Smelling great should be comfortable.

For More Information about Estevia Parfum, Visit:

Mushmoon Khan  (Photo Credit: Jerritt

Mushmoon Khan
(Photo Credit: Jerritt Clark/

Dr. Kenneth Mark, Christine Montanti  (Photo Credit: Jerritt

Dr. Kenneth Mark, Christine Montanti
(Photo Credit: Jerritt Clark/

Tina Storper, David Storper (Photo Credit Jerritt

Tina Storper, David Storper
(Photo Credit: Jerritt Clark/

Dr. Keith Durante, Ms. Durante  (Photo Credit Jerritt

Dr. Keith Durante, Ms. Durante
(Photo Credit: Jerritt Clark/

Michael Cantwell, Guest for Bespoke Real Estate (Photo Credit Jerritt

Michael Cantwell, Guest for Bespoke Real Estate
(Photo Credit: Jerritt Clark/

Estevia Parfums  (Photo Credit Jerritt

Estevia Parfums
(Photo Credit: Jerritt Clark/

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