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Christopher Fischer Cashmere: A Continuing Journey of “Luxe” Casual Urban Style


Fashion is always changing, and over the last decade and more cashmere has been totally re-invented from its classical roots of twinsets and turtle neck sweaters, evolving for today’s fashionable woman to being all about relaxed, easy to wear, casual urban style. Christopher Fischer Cashmere has consistently been at the forefront of this change, leading the way with his focus on changing the rules of sweater design in reinventing shape and fit, and his ever so particular attention to detail in his quest to reinvigorate and contemporize cashmere fashions to be the modern and luxe pieces that Christopher Fischer is renowned for.

With over 30 years of experience in the cashmere industry, a journey which all started in the 1980’s in Hawick in the borders region of Scotland as well as Biella in Italy, and now extends to the cashmere producing regions of Alashan and Inner Mongolia, Christopher has seen and been a part of tremendous change in the cashmere industry, and with his unwavering and uncompromising commitment to only the very best quality and purity in everything he does, he is recognized and acknowledged as one being of the true “Kings of Cashmere”.

An award- winning knitwear designer and retailer, Christopher Fischer designs and manufactures cashmere collections for men and women, as well as home and travel must-haves, his designs being sought out by celebrities and socialites, elite fashion professionals and even royalty. His new collections are based on modernity, yet his styles have an ageless attitude and fashion sensibility based on a luxe cashmere lifestyle, with his cashmere sweaters and accessories becoming favorites and the go- to pieces in every woman’s, and man’s wardrobe.

Texture and touch are essential ingredients in the Christopher Fischer collections, ranging from “ever so soft” chunky gauge sweaters, the lofty but lightweight textures of his featherweight cashmere, to his skin- breathing ultra-fine layering pieces and cashmere cardigans that drape on the body and feel like a second skin in the finest of cashmere. Do not worry about finding that certain hue, as the wide range of endless colors ensure a perfect match with any look or outfit. Essential looks of the new collection are relaxed and oversized “Saturday morning” shapes that are easy to wear for all occasions, as well as newer cropped and boxier off the shoulder shapes.

For Fall 2015 Christopher Fischer now brings his design sensibility into the home, or perfect for travelling, with his new “Luxury Lounge” collection. The look is athletic influenced minimal and easy tanks, tees and robes, as well as pants, shorts and socks all in the finest and softest cashmere that is pure Christopher Fischer. And then for the ultimate luxury, pair everything with a pure cashmere travel blanket, cashmere eye-mask or cashmere shawl.

His designs always keep such influences as the Hamptons’ lifestyle and a base of British design in mind, and he is influenced by local and global fashion trends observed on his frequent travels. Each and every design is of the combination of Christopher’s meticulous attention to quality, style, value, color and fit, and his collections sold in leading stores worldwide as well as Christopher Fischer boutiques in Southampton, NY, on Madison Avenue in New York City, and online at 


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