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MY EZBZ Launches Partnership with B&H Photo & Electronics

EZBZ Inc. launched a new partnership with New York institution B&H Photo & Electronics providing services for the esteemed brand’s consumers on June 18, 2015. Now when customers purchase merchandise which requires installation, like a new home theater or stereo surround sound system, they will be directed to a widget for myEZBZ. The platform will then autofill a service request based on the customer’s B&H purchase and send it out to the businesses within reach for a consultation, thus eliminating the hassle of finding a service provider to do that installation work.

 Founded in 2011 by CEO Shana Schlossberg, myEZBZ was set up with the mission of connecting small businesses with the consumer on a fair market platform, with each business within the platform vetted through its patent pending technology, ensuring that each business receiving an inquiry for services is legitimate. Through Shana’s personal experiences in the telecom industry, she learned that people pay top dollar to be amongst the first listed in the Yellow Pages, because research suggests people will often ignore any listed after the fourth business under any particular subcategory. This means that businesses with more capital behind them might get listed above those which have the best reputation. To combat this, myEZBZ prides itself on not utilizing “pay for play” measures like a top Google or Yelp search result, meaning that every business has an equal opportunity to provide services. Instead, myEZBZ awards badges to contractors and businesses based on their practices and the overall customer experience. myEZBZ is available for free download in the App store and on Google Play.


Established in 2011, EZBZ is a social and honest marketplace where users post whenever they need a product or service, and responses are generated in the form of competitive bids from local businesses. Once a query is entered, EZBZ identifies and notifies local vendors that offer that product or service, sending them a request allowing them to respond with pricing and availability. Users typically begin receiving responses from businesses in minutes and, in many cases, with accurate pricing, thus saving the consumer time spent making phone calls, comparing prices or searching online. EZBZ’s goal is to offer its users a solution that is simple, efficient and affordable, while empowering thousands of local businesses that now have an equal opportunity to bid for a consumer’s business.
For more information visit www.myezbz.com

 ABOUT B&H PHOTO & ELECTRONICS:               

As the world’s largest source of professional video, photo, and electronics, B&H Photo is known worldwide for the knowledgeable salespeople and fast, reliable shipping that have been satisfying customers for over 30 years. B&H is world-renowned as the place to be for all photo, video, pro audio, and digital imaging needs. Founded in 1973 as a storefront film shop, the New York City operation quickly grew to become the largest non-chain photo and video equipment store in the United States. The store carries a wide range of products, as well as professional and specialty equipment for sale both in-store and online.
For more information, visit: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/

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