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Hamptons Salt Adds Taste to Your Summer

The latest luxury in epicurean cooking is artisanal sea salt, particularly those made using only all natural ingredients. Enter Hampton Salt Company, founded by Peter Pierce to provide his family an organic alternative to chemical laden table salts. “As a concerned father, I am cautious about what my family eats and once I began researching salt, I discovered that most of the salt Americans consume is actually nothing more than chemicals. Refined salts are stripped of all natural minerals found in the sea and most contain potentially unhealthy anti-clumping additives,” says Pierce. “I went to our cupboard and got rid of all the refined salts, including my box of kosher salt. This is how Hamptons Salt Company was born and since then, I’ve created an amazing assortment of all natural salts from around the world.”

 Pierce sources the globe to offer gourmands a variety of raw sea salts, flavored salts and smoked salts sure to spice up summer grilling and dining. Eleven varieties of raw salts ($9.99—$24.99) like Hawaiian Red and Hawaiian Black take the minerals of the islands and add texture, flavor, or color to fish, vegetables, and poultry while delicate Bali Pyramid is the perfect accouterment to bagels, pretzels, or chocolate.  “Everyone should have our Cooking Salt ($9.99) and our Finishing Salt ($14.99) as staples in their pantry,” says Pierce. “Then you can experiment with one or two of our unique raw, flavored or smoked salts.”

 Hamptons Salt Company’s 13 varieties of infused salts ($21.99-$29.99) run the gamut of unique flavors, from the unbelievably spicy Ghost Pepper, to the sweet Vermont Maple Syrup, to more robust tastes such as Garlic and Rosemary or the decadent Black Truffle.

 Five varieties of Smoked Salts ($21.99—$24.99) round out the catalog that’s sure to add a memorable kick to anyone’s summer cookout. Try the line’s Smoked Applewood, Bacon, Chardonnay Oak, Hickory, or Mesquite salts on grill meats, burgers, or vegetables—and let the compliments come rolling in. “I hope you’ll follow my challenge to rid your kitchen of refined salts and replace them with some of our amazing sea salts from around the globe,” says Pierce. “Our process is simple. We take great sea salt and combine it with all natural ingredients to produce powerful flavors with a slight sprinkle.”

For more information, go to https://www.hamptonssalt.com/

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