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Resident Magazine Celebrated Jean Shafiroff’s May 2015 Cover At Villagio on the Park

Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff celebrated her May 2015 cover of Resident Magazine at Villagio on the Park in New York City, on Wednesday, May 27th, 2015.

Guests celebrated at hotspot Villagio on the Park’s exclusive VIP event space where they sipped on cocktails and dined on a selection of hors d’oeuvres including Grilled calamari and the restaurant’s signature mozzarella burrata. Guests included cover girl Jean Shafiroff (Philanthropist), Dorinda Medley (RHONY), John Mahdessian (RHONY and owner of  Madame Paulette), Delania Dixon (Vh1, The Gossip Table), Michael Travin (Publisher, Resident Magazine), Pamela Jacobs (Editor-In-Chief, Resident Magazine), Lisa Bernstein (Resident Magazine), Roy Kean, Barbara and Peter Regna, Martin Shafiroff, Chiu-Ti Jansen, Alisa Roever, Katlean DeMonchy, Nicole DiCocco and Lucia Hwong Gordon.

In the May 2015 issue of Resident Magazine, Cover girl Jean Shafiroff discusses her passion for philanthropy. Jean serves on several charitable organizations including The New York Women’s Foundation, NYC Mission Society, Couture Council and the French Heritage Society.  In addition she lends her support to numerous other charities. As for what motivates her to work as hard as she does on behalf of New Yorkers, she told the publication, “We live in a city where 30% of the children live at or below the poverty level. I can’t just go on living here and remain idle. I must try to facilitate change. We live in an age when the middle class is having a tougher time to survive.”

Villagio on the Park is a refined Italian restaurant that allows al fresco dining with breathtaking views of Central Park. Owned by highly respected restaurateur, Alex Kalas, and business partner Thomas Billante, Villagio on the Park brings together a unique blend of spectacular cuisine, impeccable service and dazzling ambiance. Kalas and Billante have taken New York City’s dining scene to exciting new heights using the space that was once home to Mickey Mantle’s Restaurant & Bar.

Current, passionate and informative, Resident Magazine is expressly for high-net-worth residents of Manhattan and visitors to boutique hotels on the island. Whether in a luxury doorman coop or newly built condo building, Resident Magazine reaches the titans of industry, the movers of entertainment and the individuals who can and do make choices for their travel, dining, cultural and real estate needs.

About Jean Shafiroff:
Jean Shafiroff is a noted philanthropist who is actively involved as a volunteer fundraiser and leader of several charitable causes. She possesses a remarkable ability to connect different charitable groups with interested people and resources and sits on the board of seven charities. Jean’s particular interests include charities related to women, health care, animals and the people of the cities she calls home, including New York Women’s Foundation, Couture Council, Southampton Hospital, NYC Mission Society, JBFCS, Southampton Animal Shelter, Lighthouse Guild and French Heritage Society. In tandem with her philanthropic responsibilities, Jean has also hosted events in honor of the entertainment industry both in New York and Los Angeles.

About Resident Magazine:
Resident Magazine is a New York publication with the mission to inform its readers on the latest news in the five boroughs. Resident Magazine reaches its high net worth readers in a variety of different ways. Distributed in over 1,000 Manhattan doorman buildings, hotels, health clubs, doctor’s offices and concierge services in addition to being placed in high traffic areas such as Grand Central Station and Madison Avenue. Having been distributed in print for over 25 years, it is a household name amongst New Yorkers that reaches multiple generations.
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About Villagio on the Park:
Villagio on the Park, located at Central Park South is a refined space that features al fresco dining with direct views of Central Park. Owners Alex Kalas and Thomas Billante opened the restaurant by popular demand of a legion of New Yorkers who have become avid fans of their many other restaurants, most of them in Miami. Under the helm of Executive Chef Paul Johnston, Villagio on the Park makes its own pastas and imports many of the essential ingredients from overseas, such as Portuguese octopus and calamari from Europe.  Signature dishes include a gondoletta stuffed with spinach and ricotta in a truffle mushroom cream sauce, and zucchini flowers, which are harvested in Palm Beach, and filled with smoked mozzarella and prosciutto.  Pizzas are baked in the wood-burning oven, and gluten-free options are on the menu.  And all desserts, such as apple pie a la mode, tiramisu, panna cotta, chocolate soufflé and creme brulée, are created on the premises.
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Jean Shafiroff, Michael Travin, Pamela Jacobs (Photo Credit: Sean Zanni/

Jean Shafiroff, Michael Travin, Pamela Jacobs
(Photo Credit: Sean Zanni/

Dorinda Medley (Photo Credit: Sean Zanni/

Dorinda Medley
(Photo Credit: Sean Zanni/

Alisa Roever (Photo Credit: James Edstrom/

Alisa Roever
(Photo Credit: James Edstrom/

Delania Dixon (Photo Credit: Sean Zanni/

Delania Dixon
(Photo Credit: Sean Zanni/

Nicole DiCocco, Harrison Morgan (Photo Credit: Sean Zanni/

Nicole DiCocco, Harrison Morgan
(Photo Credit: Sean Zanni/

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