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Posture Experts from Body + Mind Re-Train New Yorkers How to Walk & Stand

Owner of renowned New York studio Body + Mind NYC (www.bodyplusmindnyc.com/), Sulyn Silbar, sees clients coming to her every week with chronic body pain and low energy caused by poor posture and faulty movement patterns. As an orthopedic massage therapist, posture and fitness expert, Sulyn is not only passionate about using targeted massage to help her clients out of pain, but about guiding her clients to fully understand exactly why they are in pain and then handing them the tools to take control of their own body, health and wellbeing.  Sulyn employs a unique combination of therapies to do this – a three-step approach combining active assessment, orthopedic massage, plus corrective exercise.

Most people do not realize they are in fact walking and holding themselves in a way that is causing them pain, Sulyn says. “Long sedentary days in front of computer screens in badly positioned office chairs, carrying heavy handbags over one shoulder, walking with your neck cradled down looking at your phone – people don’t realize what an effect these things can have”. First in her three-step 90-minute program, Sulyn takes clients for an in-depth Active Movement Assessment where she analyzes how someone walks, sits and holds themselves.  “It’s small tweaks that can make all the difference. It’s all about connecting the body and the mind,” she says. “Once you teach people how they can be in control of their own bodies – initially through corrective exercises – they can be more naturally aware of how to correct their mechanics and bring their bodies into balance.” Following the assessment, Sulyn massages over-worked muscles and stimulates under-performing muscles using corrective exercise and stretches.

Massage is often viewed as a luxury; something only done on vacations or as a special treat. But Sulyn says massage provides far more than just relaxation. “Getting regular massages can help remove built-up tension in the body, return range of motion to your limbs, and work through tightness in your muscles,” she says. “Massage is all about preventative care – massage is very helpful for having a happy, working body”. Studies also suggest that massage can have benefits ranging from reducing anxiety and getting rid of headaches to alleviating nerve pain. Many runners report that massages decrease muscle tension, improve range of motion and circulation, eases joint strain and flushes toxins and lactic acid from the body. Massage is also great for rehabilitating injuries – something Sulyn knows a lot about as a personal trainer and former nationally-ranked triathlete who discovered her passion for corrective exercise and rehabilitation while recovering from injuries of her own.

Sulyn is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and graduated from the Massage Therapy program at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in 2006. She has been a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) since 2006 and became certified in Orthopedic Massage in 2010 from the Institute for Pain Management. Sulyn has built a talented team of massage therapists and strength and corrective exercise trainers to assist more people out of pain and improve their daily lives.

Body + Mind NYC is located at 251 West 30th Street, New York, NY. For more information visit www.bodyplusmindnyc.com

Sulyn Silbar

Sulyn Silbar

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