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Body + Mind NYC – helping New Yorkers get a new Lease on Life

New Yorkers lead particularly demanding lifestyles. Long sedentary days spent in front of computer screens in badly positioned office chairs, cradling cell phones whilst hurrying to the subway, or carrying heavy handbags over one’s shoulder are all examples of things that can lead to poor posture, chronic body pain, low energy, and even long-term psychological damage.

Body + Mind NYC is a specialized studio that employs a unique combination of therapies – from orthopedic massage and postural analysis, to corrective exercise and strength training – to address these issues arising from demanding lifestyles. The Body + Mind NYC team can help to restore energy, erase chronic aches and pains and restore structural balance throughout the body.  From simple back or neck pain, to more serious muscle syndromes or conditions, the team at Body + Mind have the expertise and knowledge required to completely transform the way you feel.

Sulyn Silbar, founder of Body + Mind NYC, is passionate about guiding people to find the connection between optimal physical health and clarity of mind. To date, she has assisted thousands of New Yorkers out of pain so they can lead fuller and more active lives. With over 13 years personal training experience, Sulyn understands muscular imbalances and injuries and how they affect the body. In fact, it was while Sulyn was recovering from an injury as a nationally-ranked triathlete that she became interested in corrective exercise and rehabilitation. Combining her knowledge of athletics and movement patterns, and utilizing her skills as a certified orthopedic massage therapist and trainer, Sulyn decided to create personalized treatment plans which could help bring the body into complete muscular balance and strength.

Body + Mind assess clients’ chronic aches and pains in a thorough first assessment to determine major areas of muscular imbalance, posture deviations and faulty movement patterns. A comprehensive health history will be constructed, in collaboration with previous doctors and health specialists, and a physical assessment will be conducted prior to a program of bodywork.  The team then work to restore structural balance throughout the body, employing stretching techniques, corrective strength training, and various manual therapies. Body + Mind also teach clients how to be conscious of their posture and movement patterns to help prevent problems from reoccurring.

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