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Tanta in Chicago highlights the most authentic flavors of Peru

Peruvian restaurant Tanta has cemented itself as a not-to-be-missed hotspot in Chicago since its opening in River North last year.

Seen as one of the most exciting and eye-opening restaurants to open in 2013,” Tanta features a vibrant menu that highlights the best and most authentic flavors of Peru.

Tanta is the work of Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio, who has created an international empire with 33 restaurants worldwide. Described as a “modern food shaman” by the Washington Post, Acurio is known for his passionate dedication to the promotion of Peruvian culinary arts as a renowned chef, writer and businessman.

The well-crafted menu displays the creative work of Acurio and his collaboration with talented chef, Jesus Delgado. It features dishes like the mouth-watering Pollo a la Brasa – Amish roasted chicken, Peruvian style, with cannellini beans, arroz con choclo, criolla salad, rustic potatoes and aji sauces.

From the Pacific Ocean, through the Andes, to the desert, to the Amazon, Tanta celebrates the diverse landscape and ethnicities that make up Peru’s culture. Emigrants from China, Japan, Spain, and Italy melded their respective dishes with the native Peruvian cuisine to create the unique melting pot of Peruvian cooking that keeps boiling to this day.

Tanta’s reviews have been consistently positive, distinguishing it from other restaurants in the city. RedEye Chicago’s Michael Nagrant said, “While most Peruvian spots in Chicago serve heavy carb- and meat-laden home-style plates, Tanta’s fare–which is balanced with acidity and features the pleasing interplay of crisp and soft textures–is the inspiring work of an accomplished gourmet chef.” Mike Sula, of the Chicago Reader, described Tanta’s cebiches as being in a class of their own – “each a distinct rendition of the form, each intensely acidic, but seasoned and brightly colored with a variety of flavors.”

Set in a multi-leveled, modern and sleek setting, Tanta boasts a 120-seat rooftop pisco and cebiche lounge where guests can enjoy downtown city views, pisco cocktails, cebiche with fresh fish sliced to order and a menu of small bites.

Tanta is located at 118 W Grand Ave, Chicago, 60654.

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