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TÊTE Charcuterie: The new flavor of Chicago – with an old French twist

French restaurant TÊTE Charcuterie is part of the dazzling array of restaurants that have turned Chicago’s Randolph District into an irresistible magnet for the most passionate of foodies searching for new culinary attractions.

Since opening its doors, TÊTE Charcuterie has been serving up classic French delicacies and delights, with all the traditions and ambiance of Europe.

It was in the old cobblestone, charming streets of Paris that Executive Chefs Thomas Rice and Kurt Guzowski found their inspiration for their restaurant. They realized that even amongst all the sleek French bistros, sushi bars, trattorias, roadhouse-chic taquerias that dot Chicago’s famed Randolph District, there was nothing like a true to tradition French Charcuterie.

With help from Managing Partner Daniel Goodman, chefs Thomas and Kurt are taking diners on a free trip to Paris, via their palates, without ever leaving their tables.

And when it comes to the menu, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So Thomas and Kurt are meticulously staying with the same time-proven formula of the real French charcuterie: using only the freshest, daily supply of fresh produce and meats to serve the best food money can buy. All from local Midwest farmers.

The charcuturie, naturally, is the signature offering of a restaurant proudly bearing “charcuterie” in its name: an assortment of delicious fare personally chosen by the chefs, and presented on a traditional French wooden serving board.

But there is also a full menu featuring the same delicious fare in a more conventional and comtemporary plate setting, with a broad choice of the chefs’ ingredients and sauces.

And the effect on your palate is guaranteed to be a delicious culinary treat to remember, whether you choose the traditional charcuturie or a dish from the expansive menu. Among the many, varied choices are house cured saucissons, composed fresh sausages, terrines, pâtés and seasonally driven casual fare, accompanied by both old and new world wines, seasonal handcrafted cocktails and local craft beers.

Recommended dishes include Rosette de Lyon and Fromage de TÊTE, a house specialty; fresh sausages inspired by the best recipes from around the world, including Longanisa of the Philippines, with sweet shrimp fried rice and fresno chili marmalade; Pork Belly Rillons with bacon xo sauce; Spring Garden, a cocotte of seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs, and Spice & Nut Crusted Halibut, with porcini mushrooms, black olive gnocchi and tamarind-brown butter.

But while you may be able to take a little of Paris out of France, you can’t take it all. And so, TÊTE Charcuterie remains firmly planted in old Chicago. It is housed in a former meatpacker facility, and was designed by John Kelly Architects, who drew inspiration from the historic Randolph Street Markets, utilizing all of the existing and defining exposed steel beams, timber ceiling, reclaimed old growth walnut, and exposed brick walls to enhance TÊTE Charcuterie’s industrial chic aesthetic, giving TÊTE Charcuterie what you might call Paris a la Chicago.

TÊTE Charcuterie is located at 1114 W. Randolph St., Chicago, IL 60607.

TÊTE will extend dinner service Mondays through Saturdays. For more information, please visit or follow TÊTE on Facebook and Twitter.



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TETE Facuterie partners

TETE Facuterie partners

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