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Sulfi Wines: French wine to accompany your next Indian dining experience

It has always been difficult to find a good wine to match the rich and complex flavors of Indian food. But, luckily, last year Sam Bhatia of Sulfi Wines recognized this gap in the market and set about creating a wine range designed to complement Indian cuisine, under the label Mirza Ghalib.

Mirza Ghalib is the first French wine which has been perfectly blended to take your next Indian dining experience to new heights.

When the company launched Mirza Ghalib last year at Dervi Restaurant in New York, hundreds of excited professionals from the food and beverage industry attended.

The company has a team of experts led by the passionate Frederic-Jean Hoguet – a member of the prestigious Academie du vin de Paris, who hand-select wines to balance the flavors of traditional Indian food.

CEO Sam Bhatia says the wine complements Indian food’s spicy and complex flavors in two ways: first, the wine’s acidity boosts the layers of flavors in a dish while softening its extremes, whether of body, richness, fattiness or spicy heat. Second, the wine’s fruitiness or sweetness tones down spicy heat, letting the dish’s other flavors shine.

The Mirza Ghalib Red signature blend brings out the spicy and rich flavors in North/ South Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine, such as lentils (Daal Makhani), curries (Chicken Tikka Masala), assorted Kebabs and biryanis. The Mirza Ghalib white is a viognier grape that complements primarily fish dishes and lighter veg fare such as Tikkas, Pakoras and Samosas.  The Mirza Ghalib Rosé is great with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

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