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“Innocence” film appears in WSJ

Excitement is building for the premiere of “Innocence” at the Coopers Beach parking lot in Southampton on Saturday, which this morning appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ’s Marshall Heyman spoke to the film’s producer, Ron Curtis, whose daughter Sophie Curtis is also cast as the leading actress.

Mr Curtis is known for films like “Arbitrage” and the Diana Vreeland documentary, “The Eye Has to Travel”.

He says he wanted to have an outdoor screening in the Hamptons as “it’s the most calm and beautiful time”.

A 50-foot blow-up screen will be placed in the parking lot, which can hold more than 100 cars, and the sound will be broadcast via FM radio.

“Having a non-traditional movie like “Innocence,” in that it didn’t come straight from the Hollywood studio system might necessitate a non-traditional way to see it,” Mr Curtis says.

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Sophie Curtis in 'Innocence' 2014 Scion Pictures

Sophie Curtis in ‘Innocence’ 2014 Scion Pictures

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