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Villagio on the Park – “Italian with a little something extra”

New restaurant in Central Park South, Villagio on the Park has featured in Forays of a Finance Foodie – a food and lifestyle website covering the best culinary delights in New York City.

Naturally the reviewer was very impressed and gave the restaurant a glowing review!

“I expected small portions and outlandish prices but I got just the opposite.”

“It’s the golden combination of quality AND quantity!”

“I loved the light airy feeling of the Villagio space–the floor to ceiling windows in front are open when the weather’s nice, so diners have the choice of dining al fresco, “half in and half out” or totally indoors.”

“The hot mozzarella oozed out of the orange zucchini blossoms and the prosciutto was tender and thinly sliced. I would go back to Villagio just for this one dish.”

“Villagio welcomes whole families, and the staff bends over backwards to deal with food preferences, diets and allergies.”

Lombata Parmigiana (Photo: Forays of a Finance Foodie)

Lombata Parmigiana (Photo: Forays of a Finance Foodie)

To read the full review, click here.

To find out more about Villagio on the Park, click here


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