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Revitalize your look with ‘Couture Hair’ from Angelo David Salon

There’s no denying that long, lustrous locks are at the top of every girl’s summer wish list.  But, it can be frustrating experimenting with endless products that just don’t seem to work. Good thing obtaining thicker and fuller hair is easier than you think. Just make one visit to Angelo David Salon for Angelo David Couture Hair Extensions and Additions™.

Celebrity hairstylist Angelo David, a hair extension leader, spent years researching and developing his Couture Hair after he became frustrated with the lack of quality hair extensions available. He uses only the finest-quality human hair extensions, and they’re applied with a process that’s highly-personalized for each client.

When it comes to applying hair extensions, you need someone you can trust, who can also match your natural hair color and texture with perfection. Angelo David Salon’s experienced and dedicated stylists and consultants are the right people to turn to.

It all starts with an in-depth consultation in one of Angelo David Salon’s private rooms. Angelo personally selects the appropriate type of extensions for you, based your lifestyle and day-to-day routine. Then, your Couture Hair Extensions are designed on-site to match your hair texture, type and color. The Couture Hair line meets every possible need and want – whether it’s going from short to long, thin to thick or blasé to super sexy.

All hair extensions require ongoing attention and care at home. Luckily, Angelo David has created a range of products specifically designed to maintain your new locks. These include handcrafted paddle brushes with flexible padding that adjusts to the contours of the scalp, as well as detanglers and the salon’s exclusive VOL hair care line.

Hair extensions are the red-carpet choice of A-listers like Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Jennifer Aniston and Blake Lively. Now, their full, voluminous styles are available to any woman who chooses Angelo David Couture Hair.




For more information on Angelo David Couture Hair Extensions and Additions™ at Angelo David Salon, visit the website here.

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