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Are your children’s private school applications stressing you out?

Don’t let your children’s grueling private school admissions get the better of you. Enlist the support of Jennifer Brozost and Vimmi Shroff, co-founders of the New York PEAS (Private Education Advisory Service). Jennifer and Vimmi are a dynamic duo with over 15 years of private school education admissions experience and knowledge. They are talented experts who are eager to guide families through all their education related questions and concerns.

Understanding the application process can be extremely confusing and downright daunting, Jennifer and Vimmi are here to provide hands-on help to make it a whole lot smoother. These days top private schools can receive hundreds of applications so the competition can seem as fierce as the Ivy League. It’s critical to know which schools to pick, when to start applying, who to ask for recommendation letters, what to say in interviews, what to write in the application papers, and all the hidden tricks!

Founded in 2009, PEAS offers their educational proficiency to the parents of bright and talented kids all over the world while helping them navigate the hyper-competitive world of private school admissions in New York City. Not only do PEAS provide intimate knowledge of the admissions process, they also guide parents with tips on keeping kids on track for a successful school career. Both Jennifer and Vimmi are parents themselves, with children in New York private schools, so they are able to speak straight from experience!

Both members of the NY PEAS are highly qualified – Jennifer received her Master’s degree in Education from Columbia University’s Teachers College, while Vimmi has her Master’s in Education from New York University. Jennifer and Vimmi have taught and worked in admissions at various New York private schools, blogged and written for various publications like The Huffington Post, and even co-authored the book, “The NYC Private School Admissions Handbook” – so it’s fair to say they know the industry inside-out.

After an initial consultation, consisting of a one to two hour meeting, the PEAS will establish a plan of action while taking into consideration the right institution for the child. The PEAS can also meet with the applying children for ongoing schools to further assist in determining the best fit, based on their personality and learning style.

If you are relocating from overseas, it can be even more difficult if you don’t have any connections or friends to call. The PEAS’ services are very important to navigate the unfamiliar, complicated admissions process. They will help you select which schools to apply and review your applications before you submit.

Jennifer and Vimmi will help to ensure your children get into the very best private schools in the City which will help prepare them for Ivy League schools such as Columbia University, Brown, Cornell, Yale, Harvard, Princeton or Stanford, among others.

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