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“NY’s dating queen” Janis Spindel appears in Urbanette magazine

Professional matchmaker Janis Spindel has been featured in online magazine Urbanette.

Janis reveals what she does, how she does it and why – giving you a good idea of her career and success.

In the business of “getting people married,” Janis says she takes the whole process very seriously.

“Wealthy, high-profile men will pay her at a minimum “$60,000 [US] for twelve introductions in a year” she says. “Some clients pay me on a monthly retainer with very large marriage bonuses and travel expenses.” 

Taking her clients’ privacy to the maximum concern, she doesn’t divulge any personal information about who hires her services. Understandable, given that she works with public figures, [minor] celebrities and high-profile individuals. But you can’t help wondering who her clients are.

To read the article on Urbanette click here.


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