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Eyebrow guru Joey Healy appearing in Bravo’s new series

Prominent eyebrow stylist Joey Healy has been selected as one of six single Manhattanites to embark on a romantic quest to find “the one” while the rest of the world watches.

Bravo’s new series, The Singles Project, is the first real-time dating docuseries in the U.S.

Lawlor Media Group helped to launch Healy’s budding career and bring his eyebrow business into the spotlight.

Now that his business is booming, Joey is ready to concentrate on finding love and ending his five-year single streak. The show’s viewers will be able to help the stars overcome their hang-ups, manage their expectations, and broaden their dating horizons.

Be sure to watch Joey on The Singles Project from Tuesday, 12 August at 10pm ET/PT. 


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