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Brooklyn Charter School’s unique mix of entrepreneurship and innovative education

The Brooklyn Charter School in the Bedford-Stuyvesant community of Brooklyn is a remarkable school.

It is the only charter school with its own business to help support its operations. All profits from its non-profit organization, The Bridal Garden, are donated to the school and used to inspire excellent academic performance and learning.

The Bridal Garden, a charitable bridal boutique founded by the school’s chairman, specializes in the resale of donated high-end wedding gowns and accessories. It offers designer gowns up to 75 percent off retail, with big names like Ulla-Maija, Angel Sanchez, and Vera Wang.

As a pioneer of the charter world, the BCS is the first charter school of the New York Department of Education and one of the highest-performing charters in the New York State.

As a Title 1 school, where 71% of families are below the poverty index, literacy is low in such an underserved community. The BCS aims to improve this with a literacy initiative that mirrors techniques in Finland, where there are some of the highest performing schools in the world.

Known as “the Jewel of Bed-Stuy”, the BCS – with a strong mission, deep-rooted values and unique community spirit – is a school like no other.

For more information call the BCS at (718) 302 2085 or visit the school at the next open house, every Tuesday from 9am to 10am. You can fill out an enrollment application online.

To donate a wedding gown to The Bridal Garden or for more information, please schedule an appointment.


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