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Hair stylist Angelo David on how to combat humidity in the city

World-renowned hair expert Angelo David Piscareta, owner and creative director of Angelo David Salon in New York City, was one of eight stylists to give their advice on combating the summer humidity via Gotham Magazine.

Angelo’s top tip to beat the humidity blues was to “put your hair up or embrace your waves”.

“Great summer styles that will beat the humidity and look great are topknots, ponytails, and braids — from the Heidi braid to the mermaid braid,” he said.

“For wavy hair, leave it down. Waves work well in humidity, so you can create beautiful tousled natural beach waves. To create this look, apply a small amount of the Angelo David Foaming Sea Silk Styler ($22; angelodavid.com) and air dry.”

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Angelo David Foaming Sea Silk Styler

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