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Angelo David gives lucky audience member makeover on Veria Living live

Celebrity hairstylist Angelo David Piscareta, of New York-based Angelo David Salon, appeared on Veria Living Live on May 12, 2014, to share some tips with host Sonia Baghady.

Angelo said, “What you take in is what you give out – so good diet, healthy living, and I’m a big believer in supplements. I just launched one called Hair Detox which is an amazing supplement we launched in the salon.

“You also need a great color regiment and make sure you see your hairstylist every six to eight weeks and you’re good to go.”

Angelo also gave a dramatic makeover to lucky audience member, Amanda.

After the incredible makeover from Angelo, Amanda told the audience she felt “relieved”. “I had so much hair dragging, but now it feels more fluffy, sexy and va va voom!,” Amanda said.

She also donated the hair she cut off to charity Locks of Love.

Click here to watch the makeover on Veria Living.

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