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Jean Shafiroff and Patrick McMullan host fete

Jean Shafiroff and Patrick McMullan hosted the Pit Bulls as Pets cocktail party to raise awareness for the adoption of pit bulls for the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation, at the Shafiroff residence the evening of May 2, 2014.

Bella, Jean Shafiroff’s tan and white pit bull, greeted guests at her home and proved that, with love and care, this breed can make wonderful pets.

The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation has several pit bulls trained for adoption and ready to start their lives with new and loving families.

The kick-off party was held to celebrate the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation’s 5th Annual Gala, which will take place July 19, 2014, in Southampton honoring Georgina Bloomberg.

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Patrick Jean

Jean Shafiroff and Patrick McMullan cordially invite you to Celebrate Pit Bulls as Pets


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